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ripped err broken rubber ends on shure se530s

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I've had these puppies for maybe a year (had them replaced once, so the warranty is probably expired by now) and now the rubber part of the earphones are ripped off or broken. I basically get tons of use out of these phones, but never had man handled them or abused them. Anyone else seen this? I'm tempted to send them back to shure being that they are semi broken. The earphones themselves work fine. What's shure's out of warranty service like?
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it doesnt hurt to email shure. They've always been nice and prompt when I dealt with them
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shure has 2 years warranty, and its a superb service, so for one you should have warranty left and 2 you should have another 2 years fresh on the new set.

trust me, contact shure for another replacement, they will warrant it for sure, especially as they know this second set is from shure themselves and not a retailer, they have no reason to question where you brought them so you may not even need a receit, i didnt have a receit and they done a exchange for me.
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by the way split them apart and post some pics of the insides if you like so we all can see how they constructed inside properly, suprised nobody has done this so far.

just tell shure they fell apart, nobody would ever know lol
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I think I'll give it a whirl with Shure. I'll send them back again. I wasn't aware that when you get new ones from shure that the warranty is reset. It'll be a bummer not having them for a few weeks. They are by far my favorite phones, but it will be well worth the wait.

I find it strange that the rubber has ripped off or come loose and that no one else has experienced this. I'd hazard a guess that the rubber pieces are glued on and after much use lose their adhesion.

FYI I'm not opening these puppies eventhough I'm sending them back.
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I just sent my E500s back, the cable on one was starting split.. downloaded the RMA form and filled it out, shipped them in and in less than a week, I got a brand new pair of E530s and the cable is much different than when they first came out. Its much softer.

Shure never questioned a thing, It would have been exactly 2 years next month that I purchased my E500s. Now I have a brand new pair and another 2 years. Amazing customer service and I still find these to be my favorite IEMS. I used my Ety ER4s for my commute.. and am so glad to have my Shures back, they are just amazingly comfortable and the bottom end is back!

They seem a bit brighter than my last pair (a good thing) but that could be wishful thinking on my part. I'll take the perception and just enjoy. These things are worth every penny!
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yep i love my se530, almost like a child of mine, in fact id trade my children for these (i have no children, this is a joke...or is it??? lol)

my cable split also, i was able to send them off to shure distribution uk and they sent me a new pair out instantly, all of this in less than a week, 4 days actually. i was astonished and wowed.
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