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Originally posted by dragonlong
Whatever you do, don't get the EX70/71. I assume the EX51 would be just as bad or worse. I've read the reviews at Audiocubes too, but they're not to be trusted. The EX71 were the worst headphones I've bought. They were extremely disappointing. You will hear a lot of bass, and it's the bad kind of bass. Also, the highs and mids are extremely bad. Other than its build quality and the little isolation that it gives you, it's a really bad pair of "cans" in terms of sound quality. It does seem like most people here really don't like the EX70/71.

If you want to buy them anyway, get them used from a fellow head-fier, but don't be surprised that you'll just be letting them collect dust after you've tried them a few times.
hi, thanks for the advice. i've just gotten the ex71 and finds that it sounds great. i think its one of those earphones which is quite 'individualistic'. if you can get a good fit or know how to wear them properly, the sound is very good.

as posted in anothe thread, i find that the ex71 have quite good treble and bass when worn with the right sized gasket. but i must agree that the mid-range is not very strong.
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I have had a pair of ER-6 for over a year now. I use them at work, which means they get used at least 5 days a week for several hours at a time, outside and inside in all kinds of weather. Mine are fine. The only thing that happened to them is I split the clear cover, and lost the L by taking the covers off a couple times. The people at Etymotic told me that those covers are not designed to be removed, but the split shouldn't hurt anything.

Just my 2 cents.
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i've had the $14 koss.. and they stabed my ears.
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Thanks for the response Lou. With your recommendation and at under $100 E2c sounds like a good risk
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aiyee er-6s

that is exactly what happened to my R channel. Out of the blue too, they worked great no neglect and then boom flat tire...no sound!

I have contacted D Wilson from etymotics as the repair dept. said that they cannot fix and that I would have to pay for a replacement. Maybe only to have the same problem happen after the 91 day! after the warranty expires.

Makes me wonder about my er-4p and its durability, the difference in price is huge so I hope the quality is as well!
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not to mention that the er6 is a high maintenance earphones. i've read good reviews about the shure e2c and is tempted to get that one too. how does it compare to the er6 in terms of sound quality and is it maintenance intensive? thanks.
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the e2/e2c are not terribly maintainance-intensive.
if you use the gel plugs, they recommend that you clean/disinfect them periodically (unless you like ear infections, or cruddy plugs in general).
they also have little wax guards for the nozzles (kinda like stickers) that may require periodic replacement. don't worry, they include a bunch of them, and so long as your ears don't flood with wax during each use, i'd suspect it will be pretty infrequent...

they're definitely sturdy, and i'd say a really good deal overall for <$100...so long as they fit!


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Sorry for the 7 year 10 month bump..... but what happened to Duncan's historical vintage discman review thread? I keep clicking on the link to it and getting redirected here.



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