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Does anyone know if USB implementation is synchronous (adaptive) or asynchronous???


Maybe someone mentioned it already, but search engine doesn't yield results for me.

BTW: I'm using the socalled "Luxury Version" of the Valab 1543 which must be more or less the same as the TeraDak 3.1D (or 31D ?).

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To the Valab fans. a few quick questions


do you think this dac compliments the HD650 well? i keep hearing about how detailed and spacious it is but i'm wondering if thats a good thing? This will be amped by my LD MKIV


also i was also concidering getting the audio gd nfb-3 any thoughts on how the 2 compares? 


lastly what do people think about the luxury version. is it work the $60 extra?

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I'm selling my Valab NOS DAC with reclock. Images here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/378459/valab-dac-first-impressions/1410#post_5652507. Perfect condition, hardly used, only to demo with other DACs.


I can't post this in the classifieds due to not enough posts by me.


Let me know if there's any interest

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Which version Valab DAC that are for sale right now is the best?

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Hi guys im a lurker. This is my mod to a Teradak version 2.8.


I tried to put Mundorf 8.2uf caps. I love the bass, mids, dynamics and 3D spaciousness. The sound however is tilted to the high side.

What are the options I can do to warm it up? (without replacing the Mundorf, if possible please!)


Many thanks in advance!



Pic of the huge Mundorf cap -- http://i.imgur.com/RAm4RAxl.jpg

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