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m5, se-530, ex700?

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im done with analytic, i now have se-420

im plannin to have another buy on coming holiday, for those who owned and auditioned; which of the fun soundin HP's above to choose? why you like it over the other?
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m5 and ex700,would be considered the least analytical so id advise either of those for fun.

id always advise the se530 as they are superb and warm sounding but who wants to have two models from one manufacturer that are fairly similar in production methods, go for something different is my advice. im sure the se530 with impress but you may be a little more satisfied with a set of phones that is simply put...different
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I was quite underwhelmed by M5's recessed lower midrange.

I wouldn't pick the Sonys if my main usage is for commutting.

I haven't heard any Shures yet.

I guess the yet to be released UM3 is worth looking into.
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i say both m5 and se530...

m5 for fun, 530s for when u want details... best of both worlds if u ask me
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Thanks to all... ive already pick ex700....
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Originally Posted by knights View Post
Thanks to all... ive already pick ex700....
be sure to let us know if they bang as much as you hope
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i brought my physician friends se-530 to sony store then i compare both (ipod30+boa)... se-530 just surpass ex700 on mids but not that much... and who says ex700 does have sibilance? if you consider ex700 to have this flaw, how much more um2, tf10? i like the crisp highs, tight and pumpy bass (though se-530 also have this quality but ex700 bass is more natural for me) and most of all soundstage which is significantly better in my ears with ex700...
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good to know!
I have EX700 coming too and I found my SE530s have less seperation than my Victor FX500. It's really a shame that triple driver can't compete with single dynamic driver in this department but I still love my SE530 though.
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ex700 also has better bass extension without being to boomy + best soundstage of all IEM ive ever heard...
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