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HD600 Shorter Cable Advice?

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Newbie here but have fooled around with headphone since the 80's.
Just got myself a nice set of HD600's and was wondering if anyone could suggest a reasonably price set of replacement cables with a 1/8" connector?
I know there are the crazy expensive upgrade cables but all I need is one that is about six feet long. The stock one is ridiculously long and gets in the way of everything and I really don't want to spend hundreds of $'s either.
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Cardas is moderately priced and can add some warmth to the 600 because its copper. Seems to be a popular combo around here.

Cardas - Replacement Cable for Sennheiser HD 580, HD 600 & HD 650 Headphones (10 ft.) - Headphone Cables and Parts

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Thanks for the reply.
But that's still too pricey for me.
Just want something similar or just a bit better than stock that shorter.
I wonder if I'd just be better off making up a set for myself?
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Buy a replacement HD-650 cable (Sennheiser USA - H-92885 - Product Details) for $11.75, cut it to the length you want, then reterminate it with a nice Neutrik 1/8" jack (Neutrik 1/8" Mini Plug/Jack connectors Phone (Telephone) 1/4", Mini, TT, Patch Connectors, Plugs, Jacks, XLR, Power Cable, Connectors, Wire, Optical Accessories & Parts & Hardware Products from Full Compass) that sells for about $1.

If you're not comfortable doing the retermination, ask around in the DIY section for a cable builder. There are a number of them here and I'm sure one of them will be happy to do it for a few dollars and shipping. It's an easy job, probably 10-15 minutes at most.
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have you considered purchasing a stock cable from sennheiser cutting off about 5 feet and soldering on a new plug?

head-direct.com used to sell a 5ft custom cable for about $60, but it doesn't seem to be on the website at the moment, maybe send them an email.

edit: oops too slow
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Yup, that looks like what I'll be doing.
Seems like the most practical approach and from what I understand, for some reason the HD650 cable is better than the HD600 cable and cheaper!
Any thoughts on replacing the ends with Cardas? Where to buy?
While I'm not a huge believer in using better cable (mainly justifying the cost) but do believe in a better connection.
Thanks for the advice.
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Just leave the ends alone, it really is a solid OEM cable. just slap that mini on there and you should be go to go.
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Cool! Thanks again for the info.
Now I just need a good reasonably priced portable amp!:
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FiiO E3, extremely cheap and especially if you want to use it on the move it fits in your pocket no problems.
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I know it's an old thread but...


OP is so right, there is a need for a SHORTER oem sennheiser cable... 9 feet is way too long for what I'm using it for!

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Future Win short cable sounds identical to HD600 cable and it's great for a more intimate sound, and it's pretty cheap.

I'm looking for a shorter alternative for a HD650 cable for my HD600.
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