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waaaaay ccoooool, Vert!
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I did get to audition the older DVP-7700 and the NS500V. The 7700 was clearly better than the 500V, but then the 9000 totally trounces them both by a far margin. I instantly dug the 9000 the day I auditioned it because it was just ripping details out of the CD (while the SCD-1 was like a massive electron microscope on the CD and ripped even more details from the CD). I was very impressed at how close the 9000 sounded to the SCD-1, a good 85-90%...my first impression on the SCD-1 was "this sounds exactly like the 9000...wait I'm hearing more background details though!" Then there's people that say the 9000ES is more timbrely accurate than the SCD-1 which sounds so detailed and revealing that it comes off being a bit too dry sounding. There's also comment after comment on how the 9000ES has the best bass period out of all the Sony SACD ES players...a fact I'm not surprised about because of the DVD side of it, I'm sure Sony ramped up the bass so that it could provide more rocking explosions during movies. I'm not sure how close the 900V is to the 9000, but given they're the same price and multichannel isn't a necessity in music, I took the 9000 for its better build quality and more likely than not, better sound because of its ES lineup distinction.
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Thanks for the info. The only thing is that here they're not the same price, the 9000ES is more than twice as expensive as the 900. Oh well, I'm glad you're happy with the purchase. I guess this proves once and for all that you can get good audio out of a video player.

EDIT: By how much did the 9000 trounce the 500? 'Cause the 900 should be better than the 500 given that it has 24/192 DACs instead of whatever is in the 500. BTW, does anyone know if it upsamples CDs? (The 900 that is.)
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LOL, by how much does the 9000 trounce the 500? Well there's just more of everything...much, much more inner details, everything sounds more airy, and the soundstage is just massive. Especially the airy part...as you move up the Sony lineup that unmistakably becomes more and more noticeable. The consumer end stuff tends to sound more flat and dry, while upon first listen to the 7700, my own JB920 MD deck which is one notch under ES MD decks, and the 9000, the music just unmistakably sounds more airy. What the 9000 does that the other stuff doesn't do is rip details like crazy out of CDs. I swear I've never enjoyed music as much as I did the past two nights!

If you can obtain a 333 over there, or a 222 which supposedly sounds better than the 333 due to the newer DACs used for multichannel which incidentally also sound better, I'd recommend going for those. Shoot for the ES line if you're going to go with Sony. Not only is the build quality much better and the warranty much longer, they tend to unmistakably sound better. Sure you could have a player that's one notch below ES, but why end up with a player like that? Of course unless you're trying to shoot for a DVD/SACD player. Then I'd suggest saving the pennies for a 9000.

On upsampling, I'm not sure about the 900V, but the 9000ES can be set to do 24/96.
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Vertigo-1 said...

And no more bitching and moaning from everybody else about my source!
Shoot, there goes another one of my hobbies...

Vert, did you happen to audition the 777?
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Nah, the dealer didn't have the 777. Sure wouldn't be bad if it's anything like the SCD-1...but for the price, the 9000 is so much more bang for the buck!
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The redbook part of all the current Players, even the super pricely ones, still can not hang with the top CD players. So you will still need two sources, if you are an auidophile.
KR, I don't think this is a fair statement. The Redbook playback of the 333ES, which can be had for $400, can hang with any CD-only player under $1000. The higher-end SACD players have Redbook playback that is favorably compared to CD-only players at the same price point (plus you get SACD!). So I think it's fair to say that dollar-for-dollar, the good SACD players are a great deal.
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Originally posted by KR...
And they are all overpriced, I can buy two CDs for the price of one SACD.
You're either paying way too much for SACD's or getting a great deal on redbook CD's

The redbook part of all the current Players, even the super pricely ones, still can not hang with the top CD players. So you will still need two sources, if you are an auidophile.
Umm ... No.
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Hi Vert,

How does the 9000ES's redbook playback compare to the Rega Jupiter 2000's redbook playback?

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Mac & KR are both right.

The CD playback of the newest Sony budget SACD/CD players does match or exceed many under $1000 CD only players.
However the more expensive $2-3,000+ CDP (or better outboard
DACS) still outperform the Sony's for CD play. That is why people
like Dan Wright can't mod them fast enough to improve their CD
play. That said the Sony 9000 is very good, and would be on my short list, offered at huge discounts on net.

If you read last months Stereophile they were comparing the new Musical Fidelity M3 CDP to SACDs of same material, it is that good
as well as other high end CDP. But really it all has to do with the
SACD being compared.........I will say this again new SACDs that are DSD mastered generally cannot be surpassed, they are state
of the art. However SACDs made from older master tapes are a different story and I'm sure when Vertigo mentioned reading about a large group of people prefering CD version played on expensive CDP it was an older recording made into SACD, not new DSD mastered SACD. This is always changing however, as
sound engineers become amazingly effective updating old masters to new mediums.

I give Vertigo about 1 month before he contacts Dan Wright about
modding Sony 9000 for CD play......he,he,he
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Hey Vert,

Was just checking out this http://www.modwright.com/sony.htm LOL all you need now is another $800 to make your SACD player sound even better!
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That one cool looking source Vert!

So, like when are you getting it modded? Or have you sent it out already?
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I kinda doubt Vert is getting it modded for a long time, if ever, due to the big shipping costs to and from Haiwai. And the number of mods offered for the 9000 is crazy. If you got all the mods and upgrades offered, your total cost would be at the SCD-1 level!
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Are you guys insane? The 9000 sounds so good even before burn in, I can't imagine even wanting the mods! I'd rather go take that $800 and spend it on more SACDs/CDs. The 9000 is going nowhere! (not for a while at least )

Getting the mods also sort of destroys the point of me getting the 9000 which was because of its relative price point...if I spent on the mods, I might as well have went for the 777. Then again if I even got a better power cord for it that'd put me up to the 777's price already.

jaskin, I'm obviously a tiny bit more excited about the 9000ES than I was about the Jupiter (ok I'm over extremely excited and happy ) It's probably just simply the Sony's style of sound was more of what I was trying to look for...but basically it just rips way more detail out of a CD than the Jupiter could. The bass is also way awesome on the 9000. And here I am, rediscovering my CDs all over again. The Jupiter was definitely a musical CDP, but it sorely lacks on the details...detail wise, it was about as good as the Denon only. The 9000 completely blows away the Denon and Jupiter though as far as offering up everything that's on a CD. So yep, Sony rules.
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woohoo! more team sony!

now if only they'd make a hybrid tube amp...
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