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Originally Posted by i_don't_know View Post
I'm always getting ignored in threads like these, lol.
I don't have the IE8 either, so I really can't say.
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I just received mine.

If packaging was excessive on the Klipsch X5s, then the opposite is true for the PFEs.

Comfort/Isolation: Comfort wise, they are just as if not more comfortable than the X5 but don't go quite as deep into the ear canal, so isolation, even with the wonderful comply tips, is about 95% as good as the X5s.

SQ: Coming from the ATH-CK7s, the PFEs are definitely closer to what I was looking for. Where the X5s sounded flat, the PFEs sound more...robust. Good mid range, the highs I want. Bass could be a tad better. But overall the sound is much more to my liking.

So, those are my brief thoughts for the moment. I will continue to audion and then decide what to do next.

Are they everything I wanted/instant keepers? I will let you all know.
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I will also add that cable quality and microphonics is WAYYY better than the Klipsch X5s.
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To add to my previous comments: While the left "bud" fits perfectly, I keep having problems getting a proper seal with the right one. And due to their design, it is difficult to adjust them much. Also, while the highs and mids are exactly where I want them, it still is lacking in the bass department...even compared to my CK7s I think. So, these may end up going back too.
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Hmmm. Listening to more at home now...and the PFEs are definitely putting out the better sound...I think I should reserve judgment until I get a proper seal on that right ear.
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Received mine today, and I like them so far.
Here is my initial impression with the grey (white) filters. I really like the mid & high. The kind of detailed mid I was looking for with dynamic yet no-harsh high!! I'm coming from HD600 which has very smooth yet dynamic sounds as many of you already know, and I was looking for something more detailed (not that HD600 lacks details).. guess right word is that I was looking for something more sharp. Should I say I was looking for a finer resolution? And, I think I have it with PFEs. Honestly, I'm not a big IEM fan that my experience with IEMs is limited. Few I had were JBL, Mylarone and some Sony ones. Of course, I like PFEs way more than other IEMs I've had. Already I like them even more than my HD280. In a way, I like it even more than my HFI-780 in certain areas. Only area I desire more at this moment is the bass. There is more bass with the black filter, however I like overall sounds with white filters. Well.. still too early to say I too much about PFE, but I'm liking what I'm hearing so far. Thanks Martin for your detailed review which brought me to it!

By the way, I think I may already have damaged one set of filters. I think I screwed it little too much - perhaps this is the reason I like grey filters better. I will try the other set of black filters later. Whoever buys PFE, be careful when removing the filters. Don't screw the removing tool more than one complete rotation. And I think tips could be better.
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Phonak silicone foam hybrids

I found bass response to be best with the following two types of sleeves: a) Shure black foam olives and b) silicone foam hybrids. The latter consist of the grey silicone sleeves that come with the Phonaks plus a pair of Comply T500 (for UE Triple.Fis). Using forceps you can mount the T500s *in* the silicone tips (yep this works!). As I have pretty wide ear canals, I took the large gray Phonak sleeves. The T500s fit into these almost perfectly. Once mounted they stay in place. Don't know if this works with smaller silicone sleeves, too. These hybrids do not only improve bass response but also isolation. Another advantage is that they are easier to keep clean than foam sleeves alone (especially than Complys - the Shures are much better with regard to that). The main disadvantage of such hybrids will be that they don't fit narrower ear canals.
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While the left Comply tip is nearly perfect for my left ear, it is too small for my right.

Which make/model number of Shures should I look to buy?
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As the Phonaks have a very short nozzle and don't reach very deep into the ear canals and considering that the Complys seem to be too small for your ears (or at least for your right ear) I suggest you head for the *large* Shure "black foam sleeves".
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The Earplug Super Store offers them for a good price (USD 12.95).

Ear Plugs, ear phones and white noise machines for everyone, Earplugs for Musicians and Swimming!
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Sansa Clip in photo with Phonak Audeo


Just wondering, the display on your Sansa Clip looks a little different from mine. Have you hacked it or put different 3rd party firmware on it?

Also, do the Phonaks partner pretty well with the Sansa, ie in terms of volume level, hiss, general musicality?

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Paulie, my Clip runs Rockbox. It's not ready for prime time yet, but already a lot better than the stock Sandisk firmware for my needs.

The Phonaks don't hiss in general, thanks to their higher impedance and lower sensitivity - with the Clip they're dead silent.

As for music reproduction... I don't think you can get a better sounding rig for less than $200 (except you're a basshead). Phonak + Clip is a really excellent sounding setup, sure to beat some rigs that cost a multiple. And it really doesn't need an amp either.
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I think I wasn't using my black filters in right manner before or damaged them or two diff sets of black filters have diff sound quality. Anyway, I replaced with my other set of black filters, very carefully this time, and it's much better than before. I see now why other people preferred black filters. I still like the general sounds of grey filters. But, with black filters, PFEs have very punch quality bass. I hope there is a combination filter later!!
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It's so ironic that you mentioned 'basshead' in your comments, because one of the headphones that I own which many would consider bass heavy is the JBL reference 220.

I'm looking for an everyday pair of headphones that are reasonably priced (and the Phonaks certainly fit the bill, as I'm not about to spend $200+ on some high end earphones!), and the JBL's seem a little sibilant in the treble to me, and the boomy and somewhat flabby bass just gets really overbearing after a while. I suppose there are some that would consider the sound "exciting", but I think it gets fatiguing very quickly especially if you listen for hours on end.

One of the reasons I picked the JBLs was for their sensitivity, as the Clip doesn't seem to drive normal headphones very loud. Since you say the impedance is high and the sensitivity relatively low on the Phonaks, is the Clip able to drive them to satisfactorily loud levels without an amp? I know the Clip's output is not very high in comparison with many other mp3 players, that is my major concern about pairing them with the phonaks.

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