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these look interesting, plus the fact that it's a swiss company, haha...
but can you only wear them over the ears? i don't know about you, but for daily commuting, over-the-ear iems are a pain for me at least...
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A pain? I don't really see a lot of difference in looping the cable over your ear or letting it hang down in front. There are certain advantages of the over-the-ear style to the "regular" one (less microphonics, more secure fit, more inconspicuous looks) in my opinion and really no disadvantages - but YMMV... and yes, the Phonaks aren't made for "normal" earbud-style fit.

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Stop convincing me !

: (
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well, i don't leave my IEMs in all the time, for example when people are talking to me, i need to pop them out... for me it seems easier to do that with the straight-down way... and just a question, where do the cables then go when you're wearing them the over-ear way, behind your back?
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Well, I pop them out as well when talking to people... I just leave them hanging over my ear, they don't disturb me.

I'm using the cable down the front in general, but down the back when I'm jogging.

(The same applies for all my IEMs, I don't ever wear any of them with the cables hanging down, by the way.)
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Would a simple FiiO amp (E3 or the new E5) be good to use with these 'phones, especially for a little extra bass bump?
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Just ordered a two sets of Audeo PFEs. One for me and one for my gf (with mic). now just need to wait.. wait.. wait... oh my patience!!
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IE8 are still better than these, right? And not only marginally?
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Can anybody give some good comparisons between the the Phonak's and the se530's? I have the funds for either one, so price wise it does not matter and should not influence the comparison.
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Originally Posted by centerfold View Post
Would a simple FiiO amp (E3 or the new E5) be good to use with these 'phones, especially for a little extra bass bump?
The E3 works fine with them, indeed. The Phonaks don't hiss with that amp.
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Where to buy these in the USA?
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Originally Posted by schneller View Post
Where to buy these in the USA?
Here's a list of American resellers: Audéo - A more intense music experience - Find an Audéo PFE Dealer

Originally Posted by schneller View Post
Would you be able to compare these with the UE SF5s (non-Pros) and the ATH-CK7s by chance?
I don't have the CK7, but the Phonaks are generally better than the SF5v2. Better precision, better (real, textured, layered) bass, more detailed midrange, better treble. Furthermore, the Phonaks are the single best IEMs I know of that don't crap out with complex, difficult to reproduce music. They're the best for stuff like Opeth or orchestral pieces in that aspect.

The SF5v2 look nicer in my opinion, and they're a bit more comfortable and easier to insert than the Phonaks. But sound-wise the Phonaks best them in most aspects, IMO.
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I just saw them on Amazon marketplace, for a higher than average price, though: Amazon.com: PHONAK AUDEO PERFECT FIT PFE HEADPHONES..BRAND NEW: Electronics

Edit: this might be the version with microphone.
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dfkt: Can you think of anything better than the Phonak's for uner $200 or $250? Anything that offers a better value?

Your commentary has been most valuable. Thanks.
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No, can't think of anything better at the moment - that's why I gave them Editor's Choice.
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