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Just click on his name and in the menu that comes up you will see "Send a Private message to tstarn06"

Hey I want to get some custom tips in the future if I ever have any money. Is there a place that can do it without needing to have them sent to them. Maybe they already know their size or the size of a similar IEM? And preferably under $100 and in the US but decent quality? maybe? I'm considering doing some DIY custom tips if I have to.
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thanks!actually i have dropped by a Phonak outlet in my place. I have found that they are also selling various tips for their hearing aids. I believe that the tube of most of their tips have the same diameter as the PFE so basically they would fit. I'll try to come by probably this week so I could choose which tips best suit my me & my PFE. will post pics later.
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I think we've made a break through, Cnet has always crowned the Shure530 the king but look what took over......Best earbuds - best earphones - CNET Reviews
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Originally Posted by Confispect View Post
I think we've made a break through, Cnet has always crowned the Shure530 the king but look what took over......Best earbuds - best earphones - CNET Reviews
Best 5 headphones - CNET Reviews
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I've asked this in the IE7 thread as well; but how does the PFE stand up to rain?
I'm an avid cyclist and the 'getting soaking wet' part is quite a big part of that (the Netherlands is second only to the England-shaped cloud I usually see on the weather).

Also; the PFE with the mic; is it possible it won't work/connect properly in some (perhaps older) DAP? Are there compatibility issues?
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I bought the PFEs with mic to use with my nokia 5800.. tuff deal, they don't work. Maybe they will if i make an extension swaping the ground for the mic, which i haven't got around to it since a female 3.5 jack is hard to find, but for now the workaround i have is taping the mic button pressed and now it works for listening, just not the mic.

But i think it will work with any dap, even older ones. I used it with my computer and a zipy player and both work.
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hotpixel, Do you get a fair amount of wind noise from your helmet when biking? I found that the biggest problem when picking an IEM. You have to have enough bass and mids to cut through it.
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@bixby - i have found only one phone to work well for biking (no wind noise) the audio technica ck10 which is so small that it fits not only in the canal, but the whole body fits between the canal and the flap (whatever that is called). they are more expensive but have an unbreakable body with a cable that is incredibly robust and will not wear from sweat.

i have had them at 70kph down hills and no wind noise at all.
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Sigh... another one for the list I love my AD900, so I must look into these CK10 of which you speak.
@bixby: I currently use the ep630, and I don't have a problem with the wind. I definitely hear it though, enough to drive a sane man mad.
Well maybe that's a bit over the top. But I do hear the wind. Though it bugs me alot less then when I'm wearing a full-size headphone. It's just one of those things I accept as being part of biking y'know? Just like rain, crazy drivers etc.
Luckily I get an amazing seal with the ep630. My guess is that it cuts down the wind-noise by at least 60%. It does not only make it tolerable, it makes it ignorable.

Fortunately helmets are not obligated in the Netherlands, so I'm not wearing one while biking. That helps loads (I do wear a hat from time to time).

Hope this helps
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Helmet noise

Hi shigzeo, I meant wind noise from helmet turbulence. You go 70 mph with no wind noise and you wear a helmet?

I realize the size of the iem can affect additional noise, but I was referring to helmet generated turbulence. One of the quietest helmets the Cat Whisper (Italian, I think) is not available in the US. My Trek helmet generates a fair level of noise and one of my issues is getting an IEM that isolates well to cut most of it out and then also has a sound signature that helps me ignore it.
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KPH - I have never gone faster than 80KPH which is like 50? MPH at most. i see, well i am only using the Race R from Bell which is a pretty standard road helmet and I have never had it interfere with my music. the ck10 isolate very well with any sort of foamie or hybrid. the pfe still isolate well but their body picks up wind which negates any isolation to protect from the helmet noise.

get a gyro or bell race r - no noise.
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hot pixel, I used to use the EP630 when biking, lotsa bass and soft mids, no highs, but they do seal very well. Will be making Apple DD Iems my new biking phone with Fiio E5.

shigzeo- Thanks for the helmet tips. I never go faster than aobut 25MPH and sit fairly upright on a hybrid bike, but wind and my Trek helmet = lotsa noise. I'll see if my bike dealer will let me try a few. Any particular Gyro?
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deary... not sure actually. something aerodynamic for road biking will be best as they hardly catch any air and ... they dry your hair at the same time.
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anyone...know a coupon for phonak which is still avaiable?
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