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Phonak Audeo?

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Anyone tried these?: Audeo Earphones claim to be the most comfortable - SlashGear
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They sent me a preproduction pair to demo, a few months ago.

They're probably a good (and less expensive) alternative for people that like the ER-4 or q-Jays sound. But keep in mind that I only heard the prototype - I have no idea if they changed the sound in the final version.

That removable silicon memory "wire" is an excellent idea, and quite comfy. Hope they sell it separately, a lot of phones could use that silicon add-on for better around-the-ear fit and reduced microphonics.

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Update: The filters in the final version have more bass. Yay.
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Do they have a price yet? website?
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$130 for the version without mic, $150 for the version with.

Their website is: Audéo - A more intense music experience - Home

This seems to be the more active thread about the Phonaks:
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Thank You.

I wear Phonak hearing aid.
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The last picture seems to be a BA drive mounted on its side - kind of like the TopFire drive in UE's 5 (v.2). Interesting design, but I wonder if it will even make its way out of Europe?
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Phonak seems determined to conquer the American market... their PR agency is in New York, at least.
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Trying to take down the American big boys? They will need more than good luck and an interesting looking IEM for that.
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Well, Jays showed that it can be done, to a certain extent.

And Phonak is already well known for their hearing aids, I assume.
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Now I just wish they will come to Asia .
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The removable silicon memory "wire" is indeed an excellent idea and it will match up very well with my SA6.
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Anythingbutipod - Phonak Audéo PFE Review is out - they made Editor's Choice, by the way. Enjoy.

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With the big announcement from Westone, I doubt Phonak will get much attention for the next few days. Will be interesting to see how thier IEM fair in the market.

Thanks for the review, dfkt.
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Well, they're in a quite different price range (i.e. affordable for a lot more people, and really brilliant for that price), but of course for Head-Fiers the Westone launch will probably overshadow everything else...
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