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Two more Crash Test Dummies albums...

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So, here is a concrete example of being influenced by these boards to purchase certain music. After originally owning God Shuffled His Feet, I sold it, but picked it up again as a result of several positive posts regarding the quality of the sound. Yes it sounds quite good for a CD of that age, and I really fell in love with the Dummies all over again. It's clever, extremely tuneful, and fun.

I remember seeing them open for Elvis Costello ages ago, and that says a lot right there. They really entertained the crowd and I remembered thinking how much they sounded like their record live.

So, anyway, I went out and was able to purchase two of their other albums (which can now be found cheaply and abundantly at your local used-CD store), Give Yourself a Hand, and A Worm's Life, two more recent releases.

Give Yourself a Hand is a radical departure. Some songs veer into Weird-Al style parody of musical genres. It's one of those ironic attempts to sound hip by genetically unhip people, best exemplified by Beck and Devo. I can see how this would upset some of their fans, but I enjoyed it a lot, plus the sound is phenomenal. Not for those who take themselves too seriously.

A Worm's Life is a more guitar-oriented affair and more "rocking" (again this is ironic "rocking") that I also found appealing. No matter what style they adopt, the melodies are very strong and stick in your head.

Good stuff! Two more Headwize/Headfidelity certified good recordings.

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Give yourself a hand is a 99 recording, and a Worm's Life was recorded in 96. I don't have any of the two.

I do love their first album (mainly because the way it sounds with headphones). I have their second album The Ghosts That Haunt me, but I find it pretty bad when it comes to sound engineering quality.

That's a bit why I lost interest in them. Do you think "Give yourself.." and "worm" have a sound quality really comparable to the first album?
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Hi beowulf,
I think "Ghosts" is their first album from '91 prior to "God..."

Sound quality on "Worm's Life" is equivalent to "God...", while "Give Youself..." is far, far better. A GREAT recording to show off the talents of the CD3000! Very 3D sounding with full dynamic range.

They have a brand new album which is really a Brad (head Dummy) solo album that is supposed to be the best thing they've done. I'll be getting that one soon.

If yoy check any of them out, let us know what you think! Cheers.

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