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Originally Posted by shigzeo View Post
you don't have to use itunes. you can use among others songbird or if you have a shuffle, database.

or rockbox up to 5.5. that is quite a few options.
That's a pain in the butt.

Know how I roll with my Meizu? Connect it to PC using USB, then drag and drop. Works that way straight out of the box. And it sounds way better than ipod.
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F means Fantastic
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I love my Sony NWZ-S738, which is supposedly pretty much the same as the S63X models. I find the EQ to be very useful because I use 2 very different phones for listening to essentially the same type of music. Because my preferred phone (Grado SR-80) is too open to use at work, I use my super.fi 5 pro at work a lot, and if it weren't for the EQ I would probably sell the super.fi 5 pro and have nothing really usable for work. On the other hand I do like the super.fi 5 pro over the Grado on classical. It's not the best for classical but it's still loads better than the Grado. But I don't listen to classical enough these days to justify getting a phone just for classical. So a good EQ is more valuable than I thought it would be.

I don't like the build quality of the Sony though. The chassis and the design is nice, but the buttons feel too cheap. It's the same feel I get from Hyundai's top line cars. It seems real nice all around until you get to the minute little details where it feels just cheap. But SQ-wise, it's great, I absolutely love it. Wrapped in the silicone case Sony sells with this, you can't tell how cheap the buttons are so it's all good.

Regarding the overpriced cable, I think even $30 is way overpriced for cables... Heck I think even $20 is overpriced. Don't complain about overpriced cables, just go to eBay and get them from some Hong Kong seller for $10 shipped. I got one a little while back and it works great. I got a bunch of iPod cables for $2 shipped too and they work perfect.
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I have both, and prefer Sansa fuze!
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Okay since no one is answering anymore in my thread I post the question here

I have the Ipod Nano 4G 8GB but I need more capacity on my mp3 player and I don't know which one to get. Sansa Fuze 8GB with micro SD (I think the interface is extremely ugly though), Ipod Nano 4G 16GB or the Sony NWZ-S639F 16GB.

I mainly listen to all sorts of metal and will use it in combination with my IE7.

Oh yeah, I don't have the Sansa Fuze but the Ipod Nano 4G sounds a bit to clean to me
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Id go for the fuze. Plays OGG and FLAC, expandable memory, firmware updates
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i think sony's sound is too upfront/sharp and i would have to quit listening every few hours. I got a refurb fuze 8GB a couple weeks ago and never looked back at my a818 after my first listen (can't even be bothered to use it as data storage). I've listened to the 4G nano and whilst it sounds good, everything sounds much better on the fuze (especially the bass)
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whats your battery life on a fuze playing primarily FLAC's?
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