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I'd go for the ipod.
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Originally Posted by armoured View Post
I'd go for the ipod.
of course for you since you are an ipod fan.
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ipod nano.
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Thanks for the information. I just don't get why they do not use the wheel when it is already there. This would make life so much easier. Does anyone know if they have added functions like this in the past with updates to the fuze? How often do the release updates?
I have read that there are some players that have a bookmark feature. Does the Fuze have this too? If it does that might be a workaround. I really like the Fuze in all other regards compared to the alternatives.
I might look into the Cowon D2 some more if the fuze doesn't work out.

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i don't see how the fuze has better codec support.
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I'd also go for the ipod nano. Its such a robust player that supports all the major formats. For lossless just use ALAC. The interface is really great and has been refined over the years. The sound quality is top notch!
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For me, this is easy, and thus illustrative of why these polls are often not very useful [no offense is intended by that; they're still fun, but they are limited]. I am a long-time Mac fan [1988], but an even longer-time multi-platform user [1979]. I use a PC and a Mac every day. I've built my own PCs, my own "Hackintoshes," and quite a few amps, pre-amps, and speaker systems. But all my music is stored on my Macs. At home, our network has 1.2TB of music & video on the local network. All stored, shared, and played on Macs. Every car has an iPod hard-wired in. My wife and oldest daughter each have an iPhone and iPod, as do I. We have multiple iPod players, like iHome and Griffin units. We even have an Apple Hi-Fi in the garage [where it belongs]. So, given the horrendous support for the platform by so many of the other devices, and the relatively mediocre or barely acceptable support provided by those that actually make some effort, the choice of platform becomes almost a no-brainer.

I know there are many WinPC & Linux enthusiasts who--on the positive side--like the flexibility of FLAC and other aspects of wider ranging codec and platform choices, and who--on the slightly less positive side--decry iTunes on non-Mac platforms [and there is no question it is nowhere near what it is on the Mac platform]. And there are plenty of Mac enthusiasts who prefer other music management solutions over iTunes. I am not one of them. I personally love iTunes. I buy DRM-free tracks from the iT store, and I rip CDs using Apple's lossless codec, which is pretty good. And for integration with the platform, it is impossible to beat the iPod portion of the ecosystem. And if you have more than one iPod/iPhone, as our family does, then there really is a self-reinforcing effect. And as the home "sysadmin," I am glad it's on all one platform [of course, two of our Macs have Fusion and XP loaded on them.]

I have no doubt that, in any given generation of electronics, there are iPods that are bested by, and better than, other players. For example, the 5/5.5G iPod is well-regarded because of its Wolfson DAC. Others are less well-regarded. But all are more than adequate for their basic task of playing 128-256k files. If you rip lossless, then you might listen a little closer. But if you are like me, you listen to your better cans through a headamp also. So, the post-DAC analog stages become less important.

For some people, this turns into a features debate. If you want FM built-in, and you don't want an add-in accessory like the iPod has, then your choice is probably not an iPod. If you want removable storage, built-in laser pointer, flash camera, same thing.

But for me, my music has gotten so integrated with my platform choice--Mac OS X--that it's almost like the choice of hardware is secondary. If the iPods did not integrate well, it might be different. But they integrate superbly.

Just my over-inflated $.02. Cheers!
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Originally Posted by shigzeo View Post
i don't see how the fuze has better codec support.
Fuze: FLAC, OGG, AAX?, WAV, MP3, WMA, Audible, and WAV
Apple nano: AAC, MP3, Audible, Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV

FLAC and OGG do it for me. Apple lossless...another apple thing.
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Ok, update....The battery in the Fuze IS NOT replaceable.
Oh well. But i still like the player.
But it seems all players are a hassel when it comes to the battery.
Someone has to design the perfect player.
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Paul Rider -- Nice post.

I am philosophically opposed to closed systems - period.

However, others in my family don't care. So I am on Sansa Clip and Sony S639 (to arrive later this week), using currently WMP for library management.

My daughters have Ipod Touches, and use iTunes for management.

I can download my library to their Touches, but I don't believe they can download their library to my Clip or Sony.

But I do not resist the Apple social image hook into preteens and teens. It is brilliant marketing.
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What Pale Rider said.

Plus, I've always found that the advantages of buying the market leader and market setter far outweigh the disadvantages. Apple sets the standard with each new model and if you need/want accessories, there is no other player to consider. As Pale Rider indicates, if system-house-family integration is or will be important then there is only one way to go.

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Apple is still lacking features that other dap's have. No FM tuner or recording capability, which many players have. Hardly a standard setter. But if you want to talk fashion and mainstream, then Apple is No. 1.
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i guess i don't care about wma as it is more closed than is about any other codec whilst ogg and flac have no support outside of computers or some portable devices.

id much rather have gapless, 3 lossless choices and aac
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havent try the sansa fuse yet, but so far i am enjoying my nano directly from LOD to my atrio/esw9 without amp... no hiss, clean flat sound.. nice!!
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Why do you need three lossless codecs? And two of them by Apple! It is just so Apple...

FLAC on the other hand is open source and is flexible for future revisions and developments.

Not being tied to iTunes is priceless.
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