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Originally posted by Hirsch
Hmmm...I wonder what a demagnetizer disk would do to Virtual Dynamics cables, which use magnets...
I'm wondering also what those magnets will do on a cable to improve the sound? IIRC among all the good manufacturers of cables, not so many manufacturer uses them, right?....
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The magnets clearly attract and infuse the cable with the power of God.

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Originally posted by DarkAngel
If you want system demag track you can get the Ayre/Cardas IBE cd which also contains other functions (I have one):

Cardas IBE

If you want to be Mr Tweak they also sell a CD Matt called "SID"
which Music Direct promote heavily (don't own one):


Be interested if someone has/gets this if it has any positive effect on CD playback.
The AYRE tracks work very well. Better than my XLO disc.
The Densen disc also works very well.

I got a SID mat for Father's day. The improvement on the picture from my DVD player was noticeable . My wife even commented on the improvement in the picture. The biggest effect on playing CD, SACD, or DVD-A is the music seeming to tighten up a bit.

I did not notice any of the effects that Tomcat mentioned.

Supposedly, Sony Japan, is sending out a SID mat with all their SACD players for dealers to demo with in Asia.
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Originally posted by ServinginEcuador
Thanks PF. I am reading the Stereophile review of this device now. to say I am a little skeptical would be quite an understatement, but I trust you enough to read and consider.
PM me Doug and I'll burn you a copy of my demagic and you can hear for yourself that this disc really does work wonders.

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Another nod for the Ayre CD. The full length glide tone (track 7) does seem to improve the sound if I haven't played that track for several days. The usual effect is a little more open, relaxed & natural sounding. The brown noise tracks are also nice for burn-in since the residual sound is much less noticeable than having to listen to the same tunes play over & over through the phones in the background.

Good fun for $20
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i didn't red this whole entire thread, so hopefully i'm not reposting....

but, i was wondering....... did anyone ever bother to measure the electrical charge on the disc before and after?

do we even know this thing does what it technically says it does!?

i've seen some variations on this idea before.... one involved a gun looking thing.... i cannot really believe such a device would remove any electrical charge....

has anyone ever like rubbed a balloon on their head... built up that magnetic charge.... and used this device on it? does it do anything?

that is where i think any objective experiment needs to start... answer the question: Does this device remove electrical charges? period.

after i see that proven... then we can move on to more subjective measurements.
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Quote from HTM, October 1999: "The wackiest of the Audio Spice products we received would have to be the $399.95 CD Demagnetizer. This small device has no moving parts that I could see--only two LEDs, one to indicate that it's on and another to indicate that it has completed the demagnetizing process...What can I say about the Audio Spice CD Demagnetizer, except that it just didn't seem to do anything. First of all, with no moving parts and only an LED to tell you it's doing its job, this product scores a zero on the "instant gratification" scale. We tried it on both CDs and DVDs, only to throw our hands up and exclaim almost in unison, 'I don't hear a difference' " (p 138). ... Testing system: Aerial Acoustics 7B (heavy-as-sin), CC3, and SR3 Speakers, ADA PTM-6150 amplifier, AMC AV81HTc-DD pre/pro, Toshiba SD-2109 DVD player, Soundesign 8-track player (yeah), Zenith Pro851X video projector, Synergy analog and digital interconnects and speaker cables
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still........ i want a real, non-subjective, test..... show me that this thing actually does SOMETHING. doesn't even have to do it to a CD. any material. whatever. show me it actually does remove electrical charges. hell.... zap a video tape or something... then see if it plays in your VCR. it shouldn't. if it does.......................................... YOU WERE SCAMMED!!!
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