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Does the demagnetizer really work?

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Ok, I happen to see the reviews of Bedini's ultra clarifier. It said the product may increase the penetration of CD laser to produce good quality reproduction after the treatment. The technology is to polarize the polymer in the CD layer to have better penetration of the laser, as well as eliminating electrostatics. Sounds good to me but I am not sure whether this treatment really work in reality or have significant improvement of the sound. Does anybody ever try this product? Or ever try another similar product such as the one from Furutech. Both are intended for same use but different approach. Furutech demagnetizes the CD. But how could an aluminium CD get magnetized?
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They can't get magnetized. It's basic Physics.

Perhaps such devices do something, but there's no scientific explanation for it (at least none that I've heard). Most likely, these devices work by the placebo effect.
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Originally posted by Wodgy
Most likely, these devices work by the placebo effect.
My exact thought as I was reading Daffa's post.
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I have one. It works. Personally, I don't really care if it's a placebo or not. I suspect not, as the effect has a finite span.
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What is the lifespan of the treatment? Specifically what effects do you notice?

By the way, I've used a lot of arcane tweaks, so I'm not too skeptical of this.
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Demagnitizes? or destatizes()? I'm with Wodgy on this one.
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I have got a 230 volts version of the Furutech RD-1 Disc Demagnetizer (that is comparbale to the new 110 volts RD-2) and it works splendidly. After using it, there is subjectively larger dynamic range, less digital glare, more transparency and cohesion, a smoother and clearly less fatiguing sound. It's simply more musical. It works.

Why it works, that's a different question. Furutech papers claim that there are magnetizable components in the CD, in the ink that is used for printing, for example, or because of impurities in the CD's aluminium layer. This might be one factor. But in my experience, the positive effect of the Furutech seems to be related to removing static as well. Every fluid or wiping cloth treatment I have tried negates the effect of the Furutech to some extent and has proved to be detrimental. I'd say that wiping the CD builds up a static charge, while the Furutech removes it.
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The cd is made out of plastic and the top layer is only for reflective purposes. What point would removing built up magnetics do unless it interferes greatly with the pickup. If I recall there are powerful magnets in the laser assembly/pickup themselves.
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waht does it cost? and where do i get it?
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yeah. they work. but the *effect* wear off after about 40 min.

too cumbersome to sit and watch a cd spin for about 60 seconds on every cd everytime you play?

no thank you.
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Merton, try
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(Aimed at no one in specific) There are three categories of people when it comes to tweaks:

1. Those who've tried them and believe in them.
2. Those who've read a web site ad and will never try them.
3. Those who read a web site ad and make fun of those who are in category #1.

I'm actually amazed at the sheer number of category #3 people there are out there. They have an opinion based on a vacuum of real knowledge, yet still make fun of those who actually try them and are so "deluded " into thinking they actually work. What a crack-up.

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Which one are you Doug?
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Originally posted by MagusG
Which one are you Doug?
Part category #1, part #2, depends on how outlandish the claims are and how little feedback I get from trusted and unbiased individuals. I tend not to make fun of people, no matter how outlandish a claim they make.
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For what it's worth I haven't heard anyone who has had one say that it doesn't work. But then I don't know too many who does. Spray is usually seen as more convenient and economical I guess.

I would like to get my hands on one. You're suppose to demagnitize after every 2-3 play or something.
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