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Originally Posted by 2deadeyes View Post
I also commissioned James from Stefan Audioart to make a full set of Endorphin power cables for the BHSE so things should get interesting. Here's hoping Justin can start shipping the first batch of BHSEs by the beginning of December

it would be awesome if the BHSE were ready for the meet.
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Originally Posted by SiBurning View Post
Roadrunner changed their hosting system. Hopefully the only change will be the URL. It takes effect December 19, so they say, so the old page should still be there. We'll see if they let me edit it.

New URL for the gear page is:

They have a new idiot web page editor that doesn't uploading allow html--just pictures and video and a moron editor. At first I selected that not realizing it was just for idiots. They serve ads and it's just awful. Once I saw that, I selectedt the other option. It seems to have worked. The idiot page isn't there and the new page is. I might be looking for another host.
Thanks for updating it, SiBurning. Maybe we can add the link to one of the first posts of the thread?
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Any word on Jack Woo & family?
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The DIY (sort of, just not by me) mini stack is in the house and will be making the trip.

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Great news boyz and girlz.

I was able to get Todd the Vinyl Junkie to jump me ahead of one person in line in front of me (thank you, nice person, whoever you are ) in the TTVJ Luxman P-1 loaner program. It is being shipped on Monday by Agile_One from Florida and I will have it in plenty of time for the meet.

This is one killer Class-A headphone amp (for those of you who are unfamiliar with it). It has single ended and balanced inputs and 3 (yes, three ) single ended outputs.

This is one of the best sounding headphone amps ever made.

You can read about the specs on Todd's page here:
Luxman P-1 [P-1] - $2,400.00 : TTVJ, Todd The Vinyl Junkie

I'm also bringing these Sony PVR-F1's. The are an unusual design that is similar to the K-1000 approach (wife not included...well she is coming, but not included). They have a sub "ring that sit in your ear which distances the driver globe about an inch from your ear to give you a "speaker-like" sound. Cool stuff. The are very low impedance and have an in-line booster (throw that out right awaY) so they work well, right out of a portable component jack (1/8" w/ a 1/4" adapter)

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Wow, these last two posts have added some significant excitement to an already well-stocked meet.
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I called Jack Woo and am waiting to hear back from him. Will let you know as soon as I talk to him.

OT - Hey Vincent, sorry I missed you guys on Friday night. Last night's concert at the Nokia Theater was a blast.
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Just wanted to put it out there for anyone who might be interested.

I have a pair of HTD Level 3 tower speakers in black, Eminent Tech LFT-8b speakers in all black, a SVS PC-Ultra sub and a Sony VPL-VW40 projector that I currently looking to sell. If anyone is interested I can bring them to the meet so we don't have to mess with shipping and such. Just shoot me a PM if you have any questions.

Sorry, back to meet postings... Can't wait! There are quite a few of you that I have been wanting to meet for a few years now... I have, for some reason, just never been able to make a NY meet.
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Similar to grandenigma's post above, I am considering selling my 007tii and O2 mk2 depending on certain factors, including some of my impressions at the meet, so let me know if you are interested ahead of time because it would be nice to not have to ship these if I do sell.
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More good news.
Spoke to Jack Woo this a.m. and he will definitely be coming, and will be offering one of his beautiful stands (I own one, they are great) for the silent auction to help pay for the room.

He is bringing his usual Woo contingent (wonderful family).
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Originally Posted by The Monkey View Post
Thanks for updating it, SiBurning. Maybe we can add the link to one of the first posts of the thread?
I'll do that now.

Steve, can you add Stefan AudioArt to the list of vendors also?

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Need Sources

As usual, I think we will be in need of some high end sources.

I will have the Triad Audio equipment - Valve Code and Lisa III setup - and will bring my upper mid-fi source, Sony SACDMod DVP NS755V transport and Ack dAck 2.0 (high res caps). I was thinking that somehow I could use my laptop as a source with the Headroom Overture DAC and/or the Predator and use the Predator's amp section as a pre-amp. I haven't tried that yet so I have no idea how that works.

That might be OK for the LISA III but it would probably scale pretty well with a higher end source. I could also use my iHP-120 + Overture as a source for the LISA III and use the laptop for something else. If the Predator thing works out I could use the computer to drive my Stax rig and then loop out another amp from that.

Sources anyone?
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^^ i plan to use my G08 with my KGSS, but i can also bring my Myryad Z110 for someone. it's a pretty decent single ended source. it's the CD player i used until i went balanced.
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Originally Posted by erikzen View Post
Sources anyone?
I'll have the MHdt labs Havana sourcing my setup.
Musical is an understatement. A real shame these aren't really known within the head-fi community.
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Originally Posted by erikzen View Post
Steve, can you add Stefan AudioArt to the list of vendors also?
My bad for not realizing that the new hosting site has a separate place for html pages. I put the updated page in the wrong place so noone but me saw it. I wouldn't have noticed at all but for the validator complaining about nikongod's umlaut (below). It's updated properly as of Monday November 24, 2008 10:30 pm, US Eastern Standard Time. The bottom of the page always has the date and time of the last update.

So, erikzen, Stefan AudioArt has been there for a few days. Only in hiding.

Man you guys are tough. Thanks nikongod and others for forcing me to deal with diacritics and UTF-8 character encoding. I still can't tell a diaeresis from an umlaut, but the page validates (until they wise up to my prestodigitator color theme cheater script). The next trick is to set it up for mobile browsing. Pictures would be the first thing to go. Not being sarcastic. I'm glad to keep up a little with HTML at this leisurely pace.
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