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Anyone here like the album Legend by Bob Merly and the Wailers ?

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I Bought this CD yesterday in the mall along with my Gladiator Soundtrack ( very good Hans Zimmer cd, thanks Jude )

You can find the info of the album I am talking here:


This albumis amazing.. I am not really a Raggae fan to start with, I do enjoy the good melody Raggae songs when I was in Jamica on vacation. Maybe because the ones play on Radio are like so *hardcore* ? Also the lyrics are badly written, at least the ones I heard on Radio here in NY. (FM 97.1/106.1 z100 etc)

This cd is TOTALLY amazing. I am really enjoying this album. This album has now sky rocket its way to one of my all time favorite cd in the limited time I own this CD. THe lyrics in these songs are incredible ! The rhythm is amazing, Bob Marly and the Wailers sounds great too ! Soft and smooth with the most excellent melodies.

I believe this is the true essence of Raggae, what I really enjoy. not the silly and stupid Raggae stuff that the radio plays all the time. This album has converted my take on Raggae *completely*

What a GREAT album !! ( it is getting more time than Gladiator soundtrack here ! )

oh.. and Dcm370 *gels* with my Xcanv2 and Hd600 so well

Anyone recommend other album by Bob marly ? or what I have here is the best of his work ? Thanks in advance

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Anyone recommend other album by Bob merly ? or what I have here is the best of his work ?
Tides.....you've discovered REAL reggae, not that crap that passes for it on the radio. Reggae is a very spiritual/political music and Bob Marley was the master. Peter Tosh, one of the original Wailers, is another good one to look out for.

The only CD I have left of Marley is a greatest hits compilation. My son in Massachusetts discovered Bob Marley awhile back and the slots in my 110 disc changer are empty. "Legend" is a great set, but if you want more, just about all of the early works are recommended. In particular, "Catch a Fire" from 1973 and "Natty Dread" from 1975 are wonderful.

You can't go wrong with anything by Bob Marley. It's amazing how immediate and relevant his work seems today, considering the fact he's been dead for 20 years. Enjoy!
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Thanks, I will check the 2 album u mentioned above.

As far as Bob Marly not here with us.. one thing is for sure, GREAT music lives on forever. He is totally alive thanks to my Dcm370/xcanv2/hd600 ! Great stuff ( listening right now for second time).

Reggae is a very spiritual/political music
you nailed it right there ! ( no surprise there ) I can really hear them in his music, especially in his lyrics.
Unlike the silly Raggae *wannabe* songs I hear on radio all the time. Really ruined the essence of Raggae.

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I am listening to Exodus: Movement of Jah People right now on my V6's and my new Creek amp. This MFSL copy of exodus is really a great CD both musically and technically, if you like legend, you should give it a listen. I agree with joelongwood, its hard to beat Bob Marley for roots reggae.
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I have the disc and absolutely loved the live No woman no cry track especially with the initial "wailings" coming through something like my Ety's. Spiritual would indeed be the perfect description.
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great album indeed I also have Babylon By Bus, a live one. HavenĀ“t listened to it for a while tho..
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If you enfoy the spiritual aspects of Bob Marley, check out Rastaman Vibration. It's his best work, imho. The whole album is great first to last, but a few really good song are War, Johnny Was..., Night Shift, Crazy Bald Heads, and Rat Race.

The Exodus CD has those two classic must haves: Waiting In Vain, and Three Little Birds.
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Legends simply kicks ass. For good...no, I'm sorry, for totally kickass live stuff get Marley's "babylon by bus." Awesome.
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Ummm...Some of us grew up with "Legend"

What I love about music today is that everyone is now involved! When I was young (back in the dark ages), you rarely if ever saw people older than 25 in a record store. Now during my frequent browsings I see seniors of all ages enjoying a good search through the genres.

What is more, many of us older music lovers are experiencing a complete revival of the music we all grew up with (Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Steely Dan etc.) that the younger folks of today can appreciate. Plus the so-called trance music was "perhaps" initiated decades ago by the likes of Mike Oldfield. Look out for the album "Tubular Bells."

Bob Marley will continue to send his message for all to hear. Thank you Tides for your comments.

P.S. In case you were wondering I am not quite at senior category yet!
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I picked up "One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & The Wailers" today. It's a brand new, 20-bit remastered, disc. Sounds great...great songs.

I'd recommend it to anyone interested in Marley.

- pearle
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Yes Verry Good.
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Here's a question that has bothered me for years. Back in the mid 80s, I had "Legend" on tape, and the version of "Buffalo Soldier" on that tape was very upbeat.

In the early 90s I got the CD, and the version of "Buffalo Soldier" was much more mellow. There are completely different versions of the song, but everything else on the CD/tape were the same.

Has anyone else experienced this? Pearle, what version of BS is on the new CD?
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Thanks to all for the suggestions, I will most likely pick them up this weekend. I really really REALLY love this album. Played it at least 5 times. Just great music. Like someone said above, the live performance of * no woman no cry* track is Grrrrrrreat ! with the people all getting into the music. Each track is so unique in its own way with different themes and great melodies/lyrics.

Truly a great cd from track 1 to last, which I cant say for a lot of CD that I have !

Music Lover~ Thanks for the kind words. Bob Marly's greatness in Raggae totally sucker punched me in the face. and I love it !
Some of today's Raggae songs are really silly and shouldnt be even class as Raggae. Most of the time when I hear one on radio, I have no clue what the heck the guy is singing !! and I think he was singing in English !

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I believe Legend is a compilation with all the hits from 1972-1981. You can find the album each song comes from on the back, check'em all out! You can't really go wrong.

The live version of "no woman, no cry" comes from the "Live at the museum" (or simply "Live!") album, which is also my favourite Marley album.
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If your looking for a godd intro for cheap ...

Check out the Essential Masters: Bob Marley. It is good compilation of songs, some of which are not easily obtained and it only costs $8.99. I just picked up a copy at Border's over the weekend. Has 20 songs including soul rebels, Natural Mystic, African Herbsman and Kaya. Check it out.
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