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Useful gadget...simple, works for all loose tea
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You could always try ordering online from the mainland. It's generally cheaper to order from Hong Kong or the mainland from the US, so I imagine things could only get better without the Pacific in the way. Of course, what you consider ridiculous I might think is incredibly cheap...Americans pay through the nose for good tea.

If you're looking for really good stuff, you could do worse than JinYuXuan (it's on the mainland;'ve gotten some of the best pu-erh I've ever drunk from there. They're also insanely expensive (but worth it). I've also ordered from (another mainland outfit), but they weren't nearly as memorable. Way cheaper, though. would be local for you, I guess...Kam's a great guy, his prices are good, and his tea/teaware is often great (and equally often mediocre, but...).
Huh, as the tea that I bought: 2005 "Zhong Cha" Brand "Chi Tse Beeng Cha" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake 357g, but mine is a 2004, same label though. I paid just shy of $20 USD for mine but they do not have prices on their site. It would be interesting to find out how much they want. Well, I do not have much knowledge of teas or teaware, so I prefer to be able to sample and physically inspect them before I buy, so I am not too enamored at this stage in purchasing via online, unless it was for the same item that I previously purchased.
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I'm guessing since everybody here seems to love their coffee so much that at least a few of us also love our tea. What do you use to make your tea? Also for people who buy loose leaves where do you get them?

I use loose leaves, usually from teavana because there is one close to me. They make a really good earl grey creame tea and their dragonwell green tea is my favorite. I make my tea in either a one time use teavana filter (abaca pulp, cellulose, and sealing fibers) or one of these

Long Live Gaiwans! ~


My favorite Gaiwan (tea bowl) the last seven years has been my Black Pearl Gaiwan. I have a few other Gaiwans in different styles and colors but they're all rather hard to keep around the house. This is because they always draw attention from visitors. And make perfect gifts (you see where this is going...) And usually at the end of said visit, someone is walking away with my stuff! But it's good to share something special with someone special.  biggrin.gif


But there's irony - 99% of these guests don't even drink tea! But they do love and appreciate the Gaiwan's style and beauty, so... 


I prefer loose tea. Usually a Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl (Green Tea) everyday. Once week I'll substitute in Rooibos (S.African Red Tea). For years I'd just stop by the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Westwood or Marina Del Rey and get a canister of Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl. Or West Hollywood for Rooibos - the Owner, Nira, is amazing! Nowadays, I tend to point & click from a variety of Online vendors - my orders magically appear in a day-two-three.



BlackPearlGaiwan (Mobile) (Custom).jpg








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I use a Japanese teapot picked up at a Tokyo department store. Its the type with the stub handle set 90% to the spout, with a full pot width stainless strainer. Holding it in your right hand, the nozzle points to the left.


Preferred are premium Japanese greens, and a variety of Chinese teas. Recently received from friends two excellent varieties brought back from China. On the second and third steep the leaves open up, like in the pics of the glass teapot. 



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