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iPod--LOD/Female Dock--Coupler--Headphones (Pic)

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I've never tried this before and got absolutely shocked when I did it. I am not sure how many variations amp is going to bring but for now I am kind of spellbound. Did anyone of you try this, if yes how did you feel?

One things for sure, just make sure you've got a volume attenuator in line or else your ears would blast even if you're using cans like HD 600s.

Now I could hear a lot of detail at a pretty low volume. I am just thinking whether I would need an amp at all if I am listening to an iPod this way. Just used a normal stereo coupler.

Some initial impressions:

I am just listening to my iPod this way for quite some time with HFI 780s and E500s and absolutely impressed. The first thing you would notice is the zero noise or hiss when iPod turns up and all that you could hear is the pure music bliss. Ultra highs are a delight when using the iPod this way. Bass seems to precise and has got plenty of authority at its prominent positions. Mids have cleaned up a lot, could be because of a complete clean up across the entire spectrum. Shure's in line volume control is quite alright with out inducing any noise or its prominence. But there you ago everything has got a minor flaw along with it. You need a 3-4 step volume rise from 0 to actually get the complete soundstage and all the frequencies start to tingle you which is a bit too much if you are using ultra sensitive IEMs indoors and possibly on HFI 780s for night time listening which are quite efficient as well.

Happy listening....
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i just thinking the same as this in fact, the line out just blasts out sound at the same as the hp at full volume. for most things how needed is an amp really?
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I did the same thing some years ago with my original iMod and the Shure volume attenuator when I could not be bothered to bring an amp and was impressed with the result.
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It looks to me like the iPod is still the amplifier, and the LOD just makes the signal clearer/better than the iPod's headphone jack. And since you can't control the volume through the LOD, you need an attenuator to adjust the volume.

Please tell me if I'm missing anything here.

And just one quick question. How does the SQ compare to using an entry level headamp like the Nuforce Icon or such?

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i should think with an amp it would be a bit better, depending on how well the headphone in question likes amping.

anyone one know of anywhere that sells inline varriable attenuators with a straight jack? ive got a shure one but its a right angle one, looked on fleabay but didint see any
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The SQ quality is at least better the SQ straight from the headphone jack right? Btw, This volume control may be what you're looking for ?
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For IEMs or something like HFI-780 I feel this is perfect. I didn't hear any improvement
over this using Graham Slee Novo. Even my HD 600s sound great this way.
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This is more like it. I don't have to go through the hassle of using coupler now.
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Yep I did this when I first got my LOD and didnt have an amp to connect to and knew it would be a while. I got a gold plated female coupler, I even posted pics in portable rig thread. It was quite loud but it was nice with my HD555s. I deleted the pics a while ago or I would post it here.
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well right now the only amp i have is a fiio E5, its digital steps in volume control are just huge becasue of the uber high volume out from the ipod line out it makes it next to useless without an attenuator anyway.

yakuzaph, i was listeing to it yesterday fora a little and yeah if felt better but a very very quick A B test all i noticed was a little better clarity on the high end. attenuator wise i hink i really want something like the shure one but with a straight jack otherwise its fine what ive got
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