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How do u deal with non-Audiophiles

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I am having a big problem.

when any of my friend sees me using my Amp they claim i am insane.

same for family.

just buying a portable amp and a desktop amp and HD555 is considered waste of money and stupidity by most of the people around me.

how do i explain clearly my hobby

how do u guys deal with such issues?
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y do u care? ur the one using it right?
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ya i am using it..

but when parents also start thinking that u r very obsessive.

they say what difference does it make and what are u trying to achieve.

although i havent even bought a real expensive headphone.. i wonder if i ll ever be able to get hold of HD600 with all the criticism flying around at home

is there any explanation?
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Well, are you spending your own money on the gear?

I spend my own money, so my parents frankly can't say a thing because they know its my hobby.

Just ask them: Why do people spend so much on an LV handbag then?
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I walk around dressed up like Optimus Prime. No one ***** with me.
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Reply "Yes, I'm insane, but I'm enjoying myself."
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Envy their simple existence...
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Singaporean ey? Now let's see what I can say....
To your friends, at least my amplifier won't go out of fashion like your LV wallet.

To your family, at least I'm obsessed with this instead of drugs.
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i just say, it's expensive hobby
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"Man you've gotten old! Can't you hear the difference?"

Tell them you're socially inadequate. You get sympathy points and everyone buys you cookies..
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I normally shy away from these threads, but I have to agree with the drug issue.

Just let them know, this is your 'anti-drug'!!
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Pee on their shoes.
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You need to buy something non-audiophile that is really insane and that will distract your family from your audiophile spending. Something like the Elephant Man's skeleton should do it.
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Play your music on a regular stereo kit at obnoxious levels. While everyone looks at you aghast, plug in your headphones and sit there smiling. Everyone else will be greatly relieved and will encourage your headphone habits.

My choice of music selection would be an album by Yoko Ono. Better yet would be an album of Yoko Ono singing duets with major stars, i.e., Sinatra, Bono, Cher, Garth Brooks, Elvis, Nat King Cole, Pavaroti, Elton John, Tiny Tim, Dolly Parton, Tom Jones, Stompin' Tom Conners, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits. That would be the ticket! By the end of the album, someone will hand you a complete Stax system and beg you to never listen sans headphones again.

Or you could just let them listen to your headphone kit so they'll know what they are missing. Soon you all will be sitting around wearing headphones grooving to the sounds in your heads.

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ya i bought a pair of corduroy pants and a shirt to distract them from my next big move.

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