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Thanks Larry and Orcin! I appreciate the info. Right now I'm quite pleased with my current setup, but I've been hearing a lot of positive comments on the Denon's. Since they're fairly inexpensive at buy.com at under $200 I figured I'd give them a try.
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thanks for the reivew!
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I got my baby back

No more Sophia sparks or flashes
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Great news Take internal pictures when you have a chance. Did Jack cut down the tube socket screws?
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He did cut them down, but not by much as they still protrude. I will try and get some internals over the weekend.
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I like that slot loaded CD player you have. I never saw one like that before. Who makes it?
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It looks like a Cyrus to me.

Sclamb, are those Herbies Audio Lab dampers on your tubes? They look like a pretty cool little tweak. Have you noticed any sound improvement from using them?
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It is a Cyrus CD6 SE. A review here:

Cyrus CD 6 SE review - whathifi.com

A quote from that review:

'The Cyrus CD 6 SE is a revelation. Quite simply this player is astonishing. Not astonishing for the price, you understand, but astonishing: full stop. In its areas of strength – timing, dynamics and punch – this player is comparable with the very best machines around, regardless of price. We should repeat that: regardless of price.'

Nice thing is that is can be upgraded by Cyrus to the top of the line CD 8x.

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Ignore this.
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Originally Posted by sclamb View Post
Ignore this.
For some reason posting is very sluggish right now. Anyone else?
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Glad it's not only me. It must be a system wide problem

Edit: Now it's working fine....Weird

Well, it's 5:15 am here. I think I should get some sleep. Good night Simon. Enjoy your non-sparking Woo..hehe
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Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite
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Originally Posted by sclamb View Post
I got my baby back

No more Sophia sparks or flashes

This is great news. I presume it sounds better than ever due to the time that you spent apart.
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Back to the RCA 6DE7 discussion...

Originally Posted by Orcin View Post
I got another set of RCA's. I bought them off eBay as "NOS". When I got them... well, it was like a box of chocolates as Forrest Gump's mother would say. They are the tubes that are shown in the picture two posts above this one.

The boxes are like new, and are date stamped 09/60. The tubes sound great in my amp, and I was pretty happy until I did a closer inspection. One of the tubes has the RCA logo and has the two plates with the shield. The other tube has no brand logo (completely rubbed off) and has the cross-style second plate with several perforations and no shield.

The tube with no brand logo is stamped 6DE7, but it does not say "U.S.A." above it like the RCA does and the size of the "6DE7" is slighter larger than the same printing on the RCA. The tube with no logo does not have the black box at the top of one of the plates like the RCA does, instead it is finished with a smaller thin black square like my Sylvania.

Is it possible that the tube without the shield is RCA also? Did they make both styles? This goes back to atbglenn's point that I quoted above. The construction looks like my Sylvania tubes, but maybe they are some other brand or RCA's made for someone else.

RCA or not, should I be happy to pair these tubes together if they sound good together? I don't see how it could harm the amp, and the sound is the ultimate grade card.

I tried these tubes against my Sylvania 6DE7's, 1970 RCA 6DE7's, and Sylvania fat bottle 6EW7's in a "power tube shootout" last night. The mystery tubes were a clear winner. They have better bass and clarity than any of the other tubes, without losing any of the soundstage that the 6EW7's demonstrate. This says a few things:

1. The state of my power tube collection is sad.
2. Sylvania tubes are weak on bass?
3. Jam is right when he says the older tubes are better.

I still prefer to have two tubes with the same cosmetics (and branding!). I'm still looking for those NOS 1950's RCA 6DE7's... they must be out there. It's nice to have something to chase.
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