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soozieq: Still looking forward to your IE7 review!
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IE7 are listed for 137 Euros in the MP3-Player.de shop !
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Are we rich Yanks being screwed or is there another reason IE8's are twice as expensive in the US vs UK
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I can hear all of you non-yanks laughing at the Irony !!!
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I have both the IE7 and IE8, and will be able to post only brief comments later. They do not sound the same. I like them both a lot, but clearly prefer the IE8, which I'm actually becoming a fanboy of. I do adjust the bass, but rarely over the first notch above minimum.

I'll try to say more late tonight if I get a chance, or else some other time this weekend.

Again, they do not sound the same, nor can I tune the IE8 to sound like the IE7 (because, again, they do not sound like the same earphone--that is, the IE8 doesn't sound like the IE7 with adjustable bass). Whether or not they use the same driver I have no idea, but, either way, they're, again, different. And, again, I prefer the IE8.

Originally Posted by shpongled View Post
I think that the IE8 maybe is the perfect IEM for me (I can get it for a nice price here in Austria too), but I'm concerned that the cable over the ears will interfere with my (rather big) arms my glasses have. Is here anybody who wears glasses and has the IE8 (or IE7)? Any experiences or thoughts?...
One set of glasses I wear has rather big arms, and there's no issue at all with the IE8 (I do not use the loops). Since CES, Sennheiser has changed the cable they were using to something more supple.

Originally Posted by shpongled View Post
....Another dumb question: When I use the IE8 the people arround me won't hear the music I'm listening to, or will they hear some sound??

And please make some comments on sound isolation.

If people around you can hear the music you're listening to through the IE8, you'd be listening too loud--way too loud. I'll test this more with a co-worker later or next week, and will go the extreme loudest I can tolerate, and see how it's described from the outside.

As for isolation, it's not Etymotic-level isolation, but comparable to most of my other IEMs, with real nice results out of the cylindrical dual-flange tips (not sure exactly what that tip is called).
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Originally Posted by schneller View Post
soozieq: Still looking forward to your IE7 review!
Sorrreeeeeeeeee! I can have something up in a few hours, but it would just be initial impressions. I thought I'd get a chance to test the isolation today, but it was too cold to cut the grass. I've listened to them for about 10 hours so far on and off, and I need to listen to the Trips now.

Originally Posted by boomy3555 View Post
I can hear all of you non-yanks laughing at the Irony !!!
No!!! Not laughing.... not laughing out loud anyway
Only joking, it's just so unusual to get such a big difference in price that's in our favour for a change. Plus Amazon refunded me the equivalent of $35 because I only got 2 matching pairs of tips, along with 3 pairs that weren't related to each other at all

So they ended up costing £100 ($160)

Duncan - are you anywhere near London?
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Thanks for the comments on isolation Jude. Being "average" like other IEMs they may fit the bill quite well.
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IE8's ordered..... ohhhh woooeeee is the wallet! But I'm looking forward to hearing them. Soundearphone's current sale helped lighten the blow a little bit.

to them there!
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Must... resist...

I'll at least hold out until cn11 gets them and gives impressions.

I'm still more tempted to wait for the Westone 3 since they (hopefully truly this time) will be released before the end of the year.
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Originally Posted by cn11 View Post
IE8's ordered.....
I knew you'd cave in
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IE8's are looking really good to me now with positive comments coming from Duncan and Jude, since I have a little more trust in their ears from past experiences.
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It's great to see more positive experiences with the IE series (well, 7 and 8)! They are definately of interet to me And yeah, it is bizarre that the US prices re so inflated!
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just ordered a pair of Sennheiser IE8 for about ~270 USD here in Austria, at this very nice price I simply couldn't resist

strange, but good feeling that I can get the higher end IE8 for about the same price you have to pay for the IE7 in the US... actually you have to pay about 20-30 USD more for the IE7 in the US than I have to pay for the IE8 here in Europe
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Originally Posted by soozieq View Post
Duncan - are you anywhere near London?

Yes, I work in London... But, by what Jude was saying, I don't think you want to do what you want to do...

On a different tangent, a week into owning the IE8s, I have to say that they are the best dynamic IEMs I've ever heard.. if not the best IEMs full stop...

The traits I like the most about the IE8s are the way that vocals / instruments hang in the air, and that (although, with this - YMMV) they like being driven hard... where, instead of falling apart how most IEMs do, they kick in all the more, delivering jaw dropping results
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Geez, another high-end IEM to try? I'd have to sell off some gear (X10s? SA6s? Sony A818?) to get them, but may be worth it based on the swooning going on about the IE8s, which sound like the better choice.

They HAVE to drop from $449, right? Time to see if the buying public is interested in my gear.

Must resist until price comes down.
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