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Originally Posted by schneller View Post
Well, darn. I had been looking closely at both IE7 and IE8, but if they don't isolate, screw that. I need lots of isolation as my city commute is very noisy.

Back to the drawing board I suppose.
They are not champions on isolation. I can confirm that. In a noisy subway or very noisy street, it might be unusable, but I appreciate that level of isolation. It serves me much better then total loss of outer world with etimotics.
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Originally Posted by i_don't_know View Post
I haven't read the whole thread, but would you describe the sound of the IE8 as "natural"?

And is there a pic anywhere of what this looks like while in the ear?
Quoted for recognition.
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How does their isolation compare to the CX range?
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Originally Posted by Bobofthedead View Post
How does their isolation compare to the CX range?
more or less the same, may be slightly better, but it heavily depends on tip used.
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Originally Posted by lelek45 View Post
more or less the same, may be slightly better, but it heavily depends on tip used.
For me it's marginally worse compared to my old cx300..but the interesting thing is that even though the nozzle is exactly the same (cx300 - IE8), I have to use a completely different tip from what I used to use on cx300. And yesterday I tried to use tips from UE sf5pro on IE8 - and they fit But the isolation is once again nowhere near sf5pro..
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IE8 seem to be semi-open phone, may be that's why. For me isolation is slightly better then CX (actually I have AKG 324P, which is identical to CX).
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to the people discusing the isolation level of IE7 and IE8, note that these two provide significantly different levels of isolation.

I could try the two IEM in SITEX2008, very noisy show in Singapore, guess how busy it was on a sunday afternoon, with mny booth animations around and guys shouting in their mikes to make themselves heard.
IE8 did a fair job in this place and I could hear them well and really listen to the music and assess -to a decent level- how good these IEM were. On the box, they claim up to 26dB noise attenuation.

IE7 have vent holes in the back and some significant level of outside noise/music/whatever leak in. Listening to them was harder then. Box was claiming 20dB noise attenuation AFAIR.

Same tips used.
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apart from the sitex show do u know where else i can try them? any impressions on the sound of these 2?
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What about the foamies? Do they isolate decently, or is it just the Shure Olives that are well-isolating foam tips?
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tips used at the show were foamies, so they do isolate well
I normally use the biflange ones, isolation is good (too high to hear my phone ring in the office).
I did not try the olives tips so far.

edit : and for the test, well I dunnot know where you are so hard to tell where U could go.
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Originally Posted by Beyerfan70 View Post
Well i had to use the bus yesterday evening and i took the ie8's with me and i could hear everything.
People talking,engine noise etc.
And i'm not turning it any louder as i dont want to go deaf.
I dont know where senn get off saying they have excellent isolation when they dont,and no matter how stunning they sound the trade off isn't enough and i won't ever be wasting my money on this company again.
As an avid Sennheiser fan your statements are pretty harsh. When u buy these headphones you are paying for sound quality. Isolation is a bonus. Do notice that the db rating is based on an average for universal fit. Everyone has different ears and isolation will vary from person to person. Sennheiser makes great products, and has great customer service. Don't be so closed minded my friend or you will miss out on some great Headphones.
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Can anyone who owns or has owned both the Sennheiser CX300 and IE7 / IE8 please comment on the relative comfort levels? The CX300 is the only dynamic driver IEM Ihave experienced and despite having owned other brands of IEM they remain for me the most physically comfortable and non-fatiguing earphone that I own.

The CX300 remains my choice for working long periods at my computer due both to the reasonably good isolation and the non fatiguing sound at low SPL.

When I looked at early pictures of the IE7 / IE8 I had gotton the impression that they would interface with the ear canal in a similar way to the CX300 - ie they go in absolutely no further than an index finger could go (at the most, likely even more shallow than that). Quite a contrast to phones like ER4S / X10 that need to burrow pretty deeply to achieve the intended sonic signature.

So were my beliefs correct? When I look at the standard tips supplied with the IE7 / IE8 they seem to be identical to the ones supplied with the CX300.
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ADD, I can advise that IE7 (which i have) is really comfortable, more or less than the CX300, I can have them on for whole day. Sound wise, you dont need to push it really in your ear for a good sound. Unless you really concern about extreme isolation (I dont need that much as some people) IE7/8 is a good choice. Since you are in sydney, i think you can get 260$ for IE7 and 370$ for IE8 from minidisc, they just have IE8 in stock last week. Shame that I couldnt wait till they have IE8, I got IE7 instead but it is still an awesome phone, which I've ever had before.
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Hi, thanks so much for that - the information is really useful and it seems to confirm what the photos were suggesting to me. Yes, I saw they are now in stock at minidisc and the good thing is that we get a very good price considering what they sell for in the US.

It's just a huge pity these places don't have pairs to demo complete with isoproply alcohol dispenser and the mandatory sanitisation instructions hanging up overhead I mean, I would even be happy to pay these sellers for a complete replacement set of tips - it's only fair.

When I bought the CX300 it was actually the very first headphone I owned bar the contraptions that were sold in the late 70s and early 80s to accompany the first portable cassette walkman style devices. I like my Klipsch X10 but they are not comfortable for long sessions and the isolation is actually a bit excessive for home use and the top end still does not have the liquid sheen that even the CX300 has.

How do you find the actual sound of the IE7 compared to the IE7? As I mentioned the CX300 is something I can keep in all day when working at the computer and it blocks out the computer noise well enough without preventing me from hearing doorbells / telephones, etc. If I had to describe the CX300 weaknesses, it is a tad muddy in the bass, small (narrow) soundstage and a bit nasal and opaque in the midrange. Surprisingly I find the extreme treble has a nice sheen missing from all other IEMs I have tried though.

I notice Sennheiser quote top end frequency responses of these models at 21 Khz for CX300, 19 Khz for IE7 and 20 for the IE8 - for all the use that might actually be
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