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Wow, beautiful design.
It's look like a predator without usb Dac.
Sound must be amazing.
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Such a teeny amp! From the impressions of the LAX meet, this looks to be another winner.
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Fantastic Ray! A headphone amp fit for 'Pappy' Boyington! Can't wait to hear all about it! Hot diggidy dog Santa Ray! You are as prolific as you are genius! Good form indeed! Congratulations!
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Nice Ray, Thought I was done having the Tomahawk!
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Nice buzz here
Is it a replacement for the TH or a completetly different product in the product line?
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Vorlon, I would send a pm to Ray.

Yeah, I made sure to get on the list for this one.
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I like your ideas and want to subscribe to your newsletter.
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Damn Ray,
That looks great. I can't wait to learn more about it.
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I heard rumor that the low gains is 2:1, not 1:1 like the Tomahawk. I don't know how that will affect use with IEM, but Ray's volume knobs have always been very balanced at very low volume knob settings for me, so 2:1 may not be a problem.
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Originally Posted by -=Germania=- View Post
Vorlon, I would send a pm to Ray.

Yeah, I made sure to get on the list for this one.
Yep, I've just PM'd Ray to have my name on the list
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Originally Posted by DoubleEs View Post
Yep, I've just PM'd Ray to have my name on the list
did you guys mention about the price?
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I'd like to know the price first, before I order
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Originally Posted by fhuang View Post
did you guys mention about the price?
The only hint I have seen about the price so far:

Originally Posted by jamato8 View Post
200 units for Christmas with a special price below the $375 that it will sell for.
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Emmeline, P-51, Mustang

Emmeline, P-51, the Mustang.

This little wonder is made to last the life time. It has a mil spec pc brd with some of the best SMD dale Vishay resistor. The caps are Tantalum & by passed with some of the best SMD film caps. These features have a lot to do with quality of the sound. The circuit it self is a simple design with no extra bells & whistles.
The Mustang was designed to be the smallest portable amp we make yet it is tweaked to stand against some of the best amps out there.
No compromise in parts quality, or workmanship. The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery can deliver easy 7-8 days of playback at 8 hours per day of play back from single charge.
The amp can output 250ma of current, per channel, enough to drive all headphones to very acceptable level of sound.

The Aluminum extrusion is designed from ground up & both ends are custom designed to our specs. The volume control Knob is the same like the Predator as it is custom made for our amps.

The P-51 has a three level gain switch imbedded internally yet accessible from the top of the extrusion, it gives the gain of 2, 6 & 11. The switch can not be triggered accidentally. The reason for the placement of the gain switch inside is the size of the amp & its minute face plate.

No large cap has been implemented in this design, so you are looking at around 100 hours of burn-in that any electronic components need to break-in.
The P-51 comes with a charger/adaptor, you can charge the amp while listening to it or just turn it off & the battery will be full within 2-3 hours.
No harm will be done to the battery if the charger is left on all the time.

Combining this little amp with any NANO Video with a good mini dock cable & lossless files make this little gem one of the greatest companion when traveling.
Please stay away from the very heavy SOLID adaptors that convert ¼”-1/8”, as these adaptors put a lot of stress on ALL connectors of the portable amps no matter who the maker is, especially when walking or jogging. Also use the mini DOCK cables that have smaller body & flexible wires.

Please do not purchase my amp if your source has no line out. Using the headphone jack out of your source to any amp defeats the purpose of using an external amplifier. Many posts we read where the person claims that there is no difference in sound quality between the source headphone jack & the amp that he or she purchased using the headphone jack as the input to the amp. Quality of the sound also improves when your files are not compressed, the compression induces hiss & the sound quality is no longer enjoyable.

The P-51 is going to be offered in many colors, few colors might be for the first time. We are very pleased that this amp will be ready on time for the coming Holidays, so if you are looking forward to treating your self for one, this would be the one you should consider.

The P-51, Mustang, is warranted for a period of three years from the time that was purchased. The warranty is transferable to any new buyers as many times as it might be sold. The warranty will cover the parts, labor & the battery. The buyer will pay for shipping.

Every year around this time we do offer a Holidays special for all head-fi members & friend. This year is no exception. The regular price for the P-51 is $375.00.
The Holiday special for 200 Mustangs will be $325.00 only. Please make sure you post in this thread for the reservation if you need one. Please do not send me an e-mail or pm as I have no time to answer that. Your post will guaranty you the right to own one with out my reply. The orders will be taken until the end of NOVEMBER. Please do not send money or check either, I do not want to take your money until I have the amps in my hands. I will post about the time when you can make your payment. Your post will reserve you an amp but it will only ship when the payment has been made. After a certain period of time if payment has not been made your right for an amp, at the special Holiday price, will cease to exist.

Happy Holidays from Ray Samuels Audio Staff.
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Great news Ray, wish you and the P51 the best. The line forms to the right! :-)
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