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Emmeline, P-51, The Mustang...  

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it's so small. looks great.
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it's looks nice!! It will be available in clear/white too right?
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Can't wait to see the specs on this....
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Well done Ray.
Releasing/Announcing the second portable amplifier in just a months time..
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looks good
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Nice amp :-)
I'm looking forward to seeing the detail information about this little amp.

Great. I see the details and the reviews.

Please place me down for a pre-order.

My order details as follows:

I would like one Mustang with Black colour and GOLD knob, Blue pouch, prefer a serial number of #888, #088 #008 or #018, #188, etc.

Thanks a lot
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Originally Posted by chris121 View Post
Very Nice!!! Is dedicated to IEMs ?
When I visited Ray back in mid July, it was still a prototype and had a chance to listen and it can drive most headphones.
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Well done Ray. Looking forward to the specs.
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Ray, another beautifu looking amp! I wish you the best of luck and for the future owners of this jewel I hope many hours of audio bliss.

Well done my friend!

Pd: Could the SR71 in the picture be ....
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Nice beautiful small amp, though it would be sounding big.
Can't wait for the announcement. It looks like almost completed.
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It looks really awesome!
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Are you taking pre-orders yet? If so, how do we pre-order?

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wow, is this destined to replace the tomahawk as the ULTIMATE iem amp?
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