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I don't even get a chance to test voltage. I flip the power switch to perform the initial check and the fuse is immediately blown.
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Ah I see, are you using the BOM transformer? 115 or 220V?
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115V I have the Blue and Purple connected together and Brown and Grey. The Blue and Purple (according to transformer docs, 115V) are connected to the Neutral as per Inlet wiring diagram. Brown and Grey are connected to the BOM switch connector #2. On the secondary I have red and orange connected together. On the board power connector I have red&orange in the 15V Black in the 0V and Yellow in the other 15V. It is the BOM transformer.
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You have the primaries wired correctly, but not so sure about your 15-0-15V. It should be: 15V(yellow)-0V(red/orange)-15V(black)

See if you have it wired like mine here. Other than that you may have a faulty transformer or a component/diode installed backwards pehaps(?).
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I have the secondaries hooked up wrong. I interpreted the Inlet Wiring Diagram incorrectly. I had red/orange in the 15V area, so I had reversed the phase of the secondaries. That explains the fuse blowing.
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Hope you're initial setup is a success, let us know how it goes and good luck
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Success! I wired the transformer as per your picture and surprise, surprise everything works. My initial setup readings are right on the money.
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I think I am going to join the SOHAII crowd. I am interested in building one now. I have been trying to contact the sources for the Boards and kits but I haven't go a answer yet. Is there other location for Kits and PCB's?
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Can I ask you experienced builders what the price is for the kits from Glasss jar Audio?
Have many of you built the SOHAAII from a Kits or did you source all the parts yourself?
Well looks like I have 62 pages of reading to go through.
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I was part of the SOHAII proto team and have built a couple amps...

It's my understanding that Jeff will send you a spreadsheet with options to pick that will determine the final pricing of your kit. Jeff's pretty busy (and the only source currently for SOHA II kits AFAIK) but he will get back to you... In the meantime, it's a great opportunity to read through the thread
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I see, I can order what I need and the price will vary depending on what I need from him.

Yes, I figured he was just a busy guy and would get back to me as soon as he can.

I am off to read the threads..

Thx for your help.
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My kit from Glassjar was @$200.
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..and what all did that include?
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Everything needed for the build (parts, case, torroid, pair of 5963s) except solder and wire.
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That's a really great price, and the $25 hammond case keeps the total cost really cheap.

After splurging $100 for the case/feet.. I ended up spending another $100 on machining, long-thread rca jacks, attenuator&knob, misc standoffs/bolts/screws, ε27 board + headers, neutrik jack pcb, etc for a total of around $350
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