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damn zk, that looks lovely! The stain really worked out very nicely indeed. It's a beautiful finish all round and I'm really looking forward to seeing the top.
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*jawdrop* That is really beautiful!
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Originally Posted by zkool448 View Post
Here's a sneak peak at how the casing is going so far. I'll post here a link to the builders gallery hopefully by tomorrow
Wow, the stain turned out nicely. Have you used any varnish or similar over the top to get that shine?

Also were did you get the tube socket extensions and case feet from?
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How much current can I draw from the power supply?

I want to put in the same case the soha, a sigma 1 (the lite version, usb powered), and a twisted pear Darwin selector. According to tpa site, the Darwin needs a 5 V, 60 mA source, and I was planning to take it from one of the leds in the ps section.

I guess that using the default 1A transformer is ok, but I think is a good idea to ask, since I still haven't bought a transformer and I can get a bigger one (1,67 A) if needed.

Thanks!!!!: dt880smile:
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yet another fine case by zcool
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You can do this but remember that the LEDs come from the heater supply and are negative with respect to ground.

You can pull from the +15V supply but the reg will burn 50% more power when you do. You might want a bigger heatsink.
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Thank you guys. I finally got my SOHA II cased up after several hours of labor (splinters, cuts, and oh let's not forget agony and tears).

@ Forte, the tube socket extensions (or socket savers, credit to adamus) were ordered through ebay, as for the case feet, well they're not really case feet but more like chair feet sliders

Please take a look at the builders gallery thread if you'd like to see more pictures of my build.


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Very sweet zk, wonder how it would look with a potted toroid on the top behind the tubes
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mate, that really does go into my hall of fame for DIY. thats a really special and unique build.

the socket savers work well dont they - I cant hear any negative effects from the slightly elongated signal paths.
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Awesome build, really great stuff!
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Wow, that is one of the best looking amps I've seen period! Just beautiful work.
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zkool448, that is one sweet looking case!
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x10 ..dB
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Wow! What others said, one of, if not the most elegant DIY enclosure I've seen. This one belongs to the Hall of fame.
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Wow that turned out really nicely zk.

When I saw the lid in the early pics, I had been thinking of it in wood tones in my head, so when I saw you painted it silver it took me by surprise. It really ties the whole thing together with the volume knob and the Nuetrik jack. That's quite a photo with the other two amps sitting in the back.

So does the lid just sit on the wooden frame, using the four silver things (don't know what to call them???) as centering devices?
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