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Hi, I'm relatively new to the headphones game.. but over the summer I've been using Denon-351s and they fulfilled my needs beautifully. (tried to get the D700s but ebay screwed me over

So I came into the possession of 200$ cash in a giveaway at a bar (SWEET) and decided to buy the UE triple fi 10 pros.

I love the sound of these things but they really are not comfortable for me. There's a chance I may try and get custom molds.. but if not.. I'd like to switch to a full-size headphone in a similar price range (300$).


-Portable (walking to class)
-No Amp (or at least not yet.. so maybe a headphone that doesn't -require- one right away)

Type of music:
Major: Alternative/Rock
Minor: electronic, jazz, hip-hop

Any help would be very greatly appreciated!

edit: Music primarily played through my ipod touch.