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Originally Posted by electropop View Post
Well said.

What did you mean by the hd25s sounding compressed or losing dynamics. Sorry, didn't understand what context this remark was in


Dynamic as in the difference of volume levels between the quiet and loud elements. With the HD 25-1, it almost sounds like DSP dynamic compression is being applied in that everything is quite upfront and - well impactful.

When I think of dynamic speaker setup, it could be a pair of Bowers & Wilkins connected to an excellent transport, DAC, pre-amp and power block. or similar... point being is there is a big trade-off in a little portable headset compared to an audiophile sound system (which can also be a higher end headphone with proper amp and source).

I may be out of my league in making such a remark, but a dynamic driver typically requires a clean and plentiful supply of powerful. The HD 25-1 driver is efficient and can be driven with a small amp. The drivers are probably as well engineered as can be for this type of use.

Someone else may be able to add or correct me here though. In my opinion, the HD 25-1 is almost perfect in its design for its professional applications, that of audio engineering and DJ work. It wasn't developed as a consumer headphone, but because of its attributes, it is one of the most enjoyable headphones for portable use (sans amp).

I am having a hard time selling mine, as I know there is very little out there that could replace it. Even though I'd be better off with a more full-sized can (DT880, DT770, HD650, K701) for studio work and composition, its also very convenient to have these at work, walking around, and DJing.

Its no wonder you see the HD 25-1 in the sigs of those who have much better sounding headphones - its that useful and sounds quite good, more than enough to be enjoyable.

The HD 25-1 is a desert island can if all you had were an iPod.

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Can someone explain the differences between the two Sennheiser models

To help me make a choice and to help the op when he comes back

HD25-1-II model, this is the model with the double headband, pleather pads and an extra pair of velour pads, retails in Australia for $A289-

HD25 SP 11 Pro model, this is the model with the single headband and the pleather pads only, retails in Australia for $A165-

For a difference of over a hundred dollars Australian between the two models there must be a significant difference in sound quality
Surely the extra money is not just for the double headband and the velour pads and different cable

I've had a listen to each, albeit on different occasions, and could not discern any difference in sound between the two models but I was relying on memory !

Is there a major difference in sound between the two models to account for the price difference ?
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Originally Posted by Quelch View Post
Is there a major difference in sound between the two models to account for the price difference ?
FWIR, yes, there is major difference in SQ, especially if amping, and I would not consider buying the lesser model. However, I don't know if that would translate into a difference that's worth your money.
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how about HD215? many reviews said that it also has very good SQ
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