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Intel Pocket Concert MP3/Fm tuner

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My daughter bought a Pocket Concert last weekend from Best Buy.It was on sale for $249.00,There was a $50.00 rebate and I had one of those 10% of mailer coupons that I usally throw away.so for a total after-rebate,before-tax price of $179.00 I think this has turned out to be a great deal.

This thing sounds as good as any MP3 I have heard.I have tried nearly all of them and have been far less than impressed.Maybe it is the standard bit transfer rate of 128kbs that has my ears so turned off or the combo of the bit rate and the standard practice of underpowered headphone jacks.I am listening to it now through her Grado Sr80 and I must say I am impessed.This player only has 128mb of fixed memory which at the 128kbs bit rate is about 3 hours of music.I think this is what I'm listening to now.I don't like my daughter's taste in music but I'm now hooked.This thing has nice tight bass and immaculate tonal and instrumental separation.even the highs are crisp.I have to find the CD that this particular song(Micheal Jackson's "Butterflies)is from and compare the sound but I cannot imagine it sounding much better.I don't have the instructions or the spec book in front of me,the player was just laying here in front of my laptop,but It was easy to figure out how to use it.there is a backlit scrolling menu that further breaks down the menu item into bit rate recorded and length of the track.There is also the handy feature of a time and space (in minutes:seconds and actual memory space)remaining.This thing has to have some type of built- in higher than normal output amp,it just cranks too well.I will offer a better full review when I can read the manual and specs and maybe load some of MY music on it.
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Congrats. You jumped on a great deal. Intel Pocket Concert MP3 is regarded as one of the best sounding solid state MP3 players.

I couldn't find any info about the $50 rebate. Could you tell me some details about the rebate?
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The rebate details are at intel.com/home/audio.The rebate is still in effect.The bad news here is that as I am writing this I'm reading an article that says Intel has discontinued its entire consumer products line.No more mp3 players/recorders,cool electronic telescopes,nothing.That's too bad for them but good for us as I am reading you should expect large discounts.
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I really appreciate your input, Tuberoller, because I was fondling an Intel combo pack with that player at Costco this morning, but knew nothing about the product and little about MP3s in general. The combo pack is $179 and comes the the player, bundled software, linking/charging cradle, cassette adapter for car use, a zippered neoprene case, headphones, and some other stuff. The box had several stickers for awards from ZD Net and other consumer computer mags and services. One player feature was the amp's 11mW output.
Were your comments based upon listening to the Intel player with the headphones that were included with it or some other cans?
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Oooo, discountinued . . .

I smell, yes I believe it is, a HUGE DISCOUNT. :-)
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Intel has discontinued ALL of the consumer electronics they make.it is really a shame cause the Pocket concert is a superb player,and I don't like MP3 players.I will still post a review this week.Actually a comparison test between the two players I own (Archos Jukebox studio20,Nomad recorder)and the Intel.
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Thanks again, Tuberoller. I scored the Intel combo and it seems to have come with all necessities that were once options. This is going to be really slick when I get stuck with a long night drive in a rental car (such as comes at the beginning of vacations with cheap airfares to off season recreational areas). With the car converter, I'm all set with at least two hours of music I am not already tired of. Righteous.
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