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Comparisons please!!!!!!!
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Originally posted by Sovkiller
Comparisons please!!!!!!!

Too early....patience please

More to come.....still listening and it gets better by the hour.

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Originally posted by Sovkiller
I'm not 100% sure that my problem will end with the Emmeline, I have never heard it, and nobody had told me that it is a good match for the CD3000. It could be a good offer, but some members agree with me, in that it is very good priced (IOHO), but if I get a used one, for some less, that I could afford, I will jump on it, but honestly for that price I prefer to get the Prehead, right now there is a sale going for about this price, it has more features, three levels of crossfeed, and some other members had tried it, and love it paired with the CD3000.............the CD3000 is a most until I could get a better can (maybe HD650 and Cardas...LOL)
Sorry to get off track on the thread, but have you seen this:

BTW - these are hilarious pictures (and comments. "I am very tired of people posting pics of me. Please stop." - gbeard.

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Thanks shafu but anyway it a way too much for me now...
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Hour 36

This amp is sounding just gorgeous. Precise and quick as you suspected Sean....it's transparency continues to reveal itself and the instruments get more and more natural sounding. I hate to sound like a total noob-with-jaw-dropping...but I really am hearing details revealed in the music I have not heard with my three previous amp/source/phones combos. And not just page turning...I mean musical details. The biggest wow for me is how real drums and cymbals are sounding to me. Fast and clean sounding.

The presence of vocals is vivid and alive sounding. Midrange to die for. I was worried about missing crossfeed....no worries anymore. For me it is not even about comparing to my former amps...I loved those amps but this one is showing me detail I have not heard before period. And this is with music I am extremely familiar with.

Can you tell I am having fun with this amp?

And Sean...we have Bass...on an appropriate recording...it is here in buckets full. And it is articulate and fast and not muddy or boomy at all. It sounds like the instrument that is producing it. (was almost gonna say the dreaded "M" word)

Later taters....putting on more music.....could be another 3 am date with my Perreaux.

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Wow, geez, uh, I can't wait to hear this thing. Yeah, I can tell you are having fun with the amp! It's sure good to hear that the bass is coming through well. Again, I'm no bass head but my last two amps haven't thrilled me in the bass department. Hey, being Class A does the amp run very hot?

Thanks for the night cap, I'm off to bed.
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Originally posted by Sean H
Hey, being Class A does the amp run very hot?

Thanks for the night cap, I'm off to bed.
Nope...it's been on and pumping 37 hours straight and it is cool as a cucumber to the touch.

As a matter of fact under Ventilation Requirements , the manual states:

"The SXH1 is a low power amplifier. Ventilation requirements are not considered a part of product placement."
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WOW....let's see how about the CD3000 sounds with it.....
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So Sean H...,

You didnt like the bass on the emmeline or gilmore v2??

Why not may I ask?

Not articulate enough? Not enough oomph? ambience?

Just wondering. Good bass performance is an important criteria for me as well. Its just as important as good mids(not dry at least!) and non harsh or brittle highs.

Im ampless right now and may have to go for a cheap one to hold me over until I pick up something nice(cause i might get a linn ikemi!).

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Hi k.s.- The bass in the Emmline was great, no problems there. Yeah, it's basically with the V2 that I had a problem. Seems like the V2 was able to hit some low notes but didn't have enough mid and upper bass. Tuberoller explained it well in his reviews and I guess I concur with his assessment. It's not just the lack of oomph necessarily, it's the detail within the bass and more importantly a lack of mid and upper bass which often translated into a lack of fullness in instruments and vocals. The other amp I meant was the MG Head. Now, it's bass is actually quite good, definitely full, but it's not the champ at deep bass or punch. Actually that's a tough one, the bass in the MG Head is very satisfying with the HD600's, enough that it is not distracting at all, but under a microscope it isn't thrilling.

I am not a bass freak but the bass needs to be there, for me ideally it needs to be full and present, articulate, punchy and deep. You usually can't get all that though. So I tend to trade articulation or maybe depth for fullness, myself. Others prefer it the other way around. To me I'd rather have the body of notes be there even if their front ends are rounded off, rather than just hearing the definition of the front end and then the back end of the notes are gone.

Didn't you have or just sell a Mikhail amp? Didn't like it?
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Well the bottom end reproduction on the senns is what I didnt like. Im sure it would have been fine with most phones. The mids were gorgeous and

You have to realize, the cary 300sei I used to own, with the cardas cable, changes the signature of the senns. They sound closer to grados. The cary bass is phenominal. its like solid state only with a bit of tubeyness. Articulate, Punchy and full, but you need sophias to get the quickness its capable of. WEs and strong but not as dynamic. So my point of reference is this. Its a tough act to follow.

Thanks for your reply. I know the amp im looking at will be a hold over, but Id still like it to be good. The Perreaux is looking solid thus far.

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Non of those two, V2 or MGHead are anything like good in the bass dpt IME, that was disapointing for me, both sounded rolled off IMO, if someone ask me I would pointed to any other place than those two, but for the non bass lovers are pretty good...
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Hey Sovkiller,
In the general price range of the MG Head, what amp would you consider "not" rolled off in the bass? I would love to find an amp that would give a little more oomph in the bass to the HD600s than the MG Head is capable of but still sound as good.
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IMO, I think it takes a lot of power and a well designed, huge power supply to get really deep and punchy bass from the HD600's. Inherently I don't think they really are great at doing either to begin with. You have to have a great source too. Budget CDP's and DVD players aren't great at the low end, it's the whole silk purse out of a sow's ear thing. Despite what John has said about the bass he is getting from his Perreaux amp, and I greatly respect his impressions, I have a suspicion it's not going to be the same with the HD600. Again, he's using 590's and they are said to have punchier bass if I am not mistaken, right? They have a much lower impedance as well. Who knows though, we'll find out.

Now, the CD3000's are said to have great bass. What amps have you used yours with Sovkiller?
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>"IMO, I think it takes a lot of power and a well designed, huge >power supply to get really deep and punchy bass from the >HD600's."

Can anyone name any amplifiers that fit this description?
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