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Oh really now?

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I couldn't help myself and placed an order
Can't wait to get and test it out!
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Originally posted by vrao81
I couldn't help myself and placed an order
Can't wait to get and test it out!
Go man go.....I do not think you will regret it one bit. This is one beautiful sounding amp IMHO.

I'm looking forward to trying it with some other phones this afternoon when Bill brings his goodie bag over

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Could this be the amp of the month? It does look very, promising. Great price and seems like good sound too.
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Hour 75 and mini-meet w/Bill

First off, I have to say what an incredible person and Head-Fier WilliamGoody is. I know many of you already know this, but this guy goes above and beyond to aid fellow members of this forum enjoy audio gear.

Bill showed up at my door with not only CD3Ks and DT880s to feed to the can-hungry Perreaux..he also brought his Eggos, Etys, MG Head OTL32, JMT META , Porta-Corda and his Sharp minidisc player....all this latter gear I have never heard.

The Banquet Table

When he opened his pack of goodies I was stunned. I have really wanted to try the portable amps I hear you all talk about with my portable DVD player and I'm afraid to report I now need one Bill is so generous...he even gave me a beautiful mini to mini for my upcoming purchase!

This was my first time hearing the Eggos too...and I can see what folks like about them...especially for movie watching combined with the META or Porta Corda "Gladiator" rocked. The size and comfort of them are a real plus for road trips too. I also tried my Sony 7506s with the portable amps and they sounded fantastic. But they don't look as cool as those tempting Eggos.

His OTL32 is gorgeous.....listened to some of my fave CDs with the CD3Ks hooked into this tubular beauty.....what a winning combo. The DT800s sounded sweet with it as well, I just prefer the fuller bodied CD3Ks.

OK...now....the Perreaux feeding frenzy...we listened to it with the CD3Ks and Beyer 880s. Bill brought over a beautiful Anita Baker CD and hearing her over the CD3Ks on this amp was unreal. The Sonys really have great synergy with the Perreaux. I also enjoyed the Beyers much more than when I had them here a few months ago. Well broken in, these are a whole different animal than the new pair I had. They paired really well with the Perreaux as well and with the volume dial at about 2 o'clock they were getting more than enough power to make them sing.

I also listened to my usual test CDs...Nils Live , The Rising, Nils Acoustic....and I am sad to report that I am about to buy CD3Ks for the third time.

The Perreaux continues to open up and hearing it with the nice cans Bill provided has convinced me that this is indeed a terrific amp. I honestly cannot believe it's only $300 (on sale-$350 regularly is still a bargain).

I put on some bass heavy pop recordings this afternoon as well...wow.....I am very pleased with the bass response. Quick, full and visceral...especially with the CD3Ks.

This amp sounds more transparent than any amp I have listened to in my limited experience...there is simply more musical information getting to my ears. The sound is detailed and alive sounding without any fatigue, no shrillness even on some of my Twangier country vocal recordings....just a beauty of an amp.

We finished off with a little Pioneer DIR 1000 Dolby Headphone demo which Bill seemed to enjoy and we both agreed we liked the sound of the provided Pioneer wireless cans for film watching over the CD3Ks. which I used to prefer. I guess these Pioneers have had a break-in since I have been using them alot and they have just simply gotten better sounding.

Anyhow...thanks for the great afternoon Bill...and the cable. That was really nice of you.

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Bill is a great guy. He is on our quest list for my next Cetral Connecticut Headphone Gathering. If I can get the $50 off from AA the P amp is in my future and the CD3KS I've always wanted to try.

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First off, I want to thank John for inviting me over to check out the amp. I appreciate all the nice things he said about me, but it really takes a special person above and beyond to open their home for someone. John is one of THE nicest, most generous people on this board.

As far as the Perreaux, I have to admit I wasn't paying THAT much attention to this thread. But after hearing it, I'd have to say that this is THE amp to have in it's price range, and probably a little over it's price range as well. I couldn't get over how smooth this amp was, both with the Beyers and the 3000's. Plenty of bass, and not sloppy bass by any means, but not so much that it got in the way. The highs were cleaar as a bell, and the midrange was absolutely spectacular. It was almost like you could feel Anita's singing starting to bellow from her stomach.

And the sound was so rich, it was "almost" like hearing tubes. Not quite, but almost. The sound was very seamless, without being blurry. And it handled the faster pace of rock, the richness of R and B, and the detail and acoustics of acoustic guitar stunningly well.

Not a lot of power with the Perreaux, but it powered the 250 ohm Beyer's perfectly. Plus it really brought allowed the 880's to shine, something I think the Gilmore V1 (or V2 for that matter) didn't do (at least for me). And I absolutely didn't experience any harshness with the 3000's and this amp.

Save for the volume pot, the build quality is amazing. Very solid, efficient, and compact.

I would say this one's a winner. For the money, it can not be beat. And I know I definitely preferred this to the Gilmore I owned, or heard before. That's to my ears anyway.

Once again, Thanks John, for giving me the opportunity to check this out. It's a definite option, and a pretty damn good one.
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