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Help picking out FRS radio please!

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I'm getting a FRS 2 way radio, Cobra has some packaged set which has pretty good price. I never heard of this brand before, is the quality good? Or should I stick with Motorola? The spec is always the same among all of them which makes it hard to pick a better one. I use it mostly in the city. Suggestions please! Thanks!
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Cobra has been around for years making CB radios and cordless phones. I had one of the earliest Cobra cordless phones and it was one of the most durable pieces of electronics I've ever owned. I'm not certain exactly what an FRS 2 way radio is, but if it's the small walkie-talkie type radios which you are supposed to get a license for, ( which apparently hardly anyone does) I recently read a review on the newer more powerfull models (7 mile range?) which placed Motorola as the best with Cobra a close second. Apparently they found the new 7 mile range models were an exageration however and performed only moderately better than the lesser expensive 2 or 3 mile range units.

I just checked consumer reports magazine online and they recommend the discontinued Motorala 6200 as a slightly better unit but rate the Cobra FRS 225-2 as a best buy. Apparently the FRS radios are the ones with the lesser range.
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Thank you for the info. I was going to get the Cobra FRS130 which seem almost identical to the FRS225 you mentioned however without the privacy code feature.
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I have the Motorola 250, really all you need is the 14 channels and the sub channels. There are long range (2 miles I think) models available too that have minimal features. Standard range is about a mile. I got my pair of 250's on eBay for about $40.
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There are two different things that look and function virtually the same. What mbriant is referring to is GMRS radios. Most times, GMRS radios share a few frequencies with FRS radios. However, while FRS only radios do not need a license from the FCC, GMRS bands do require a license. (However, even though it clearly states as such in the GMRS radio manuals, like mbriant said, nobody ever does.. It costs like an arm and a leg just to get it for casual use...)

I've got a Cobra GMRS/FRS radio that I'm really happy with.. The stated range is about 5 miles, and while I haven't tested it to see how far it goes, it goes at least 2 miles through tall buildings and what not just fine...

My Cobra model is discontinued, though, but IIRC, the model number is the Cobra PR-900DX...
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