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Total Airhead - First Impressions...

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I just received my total airhead that I bought on ebay used for ~75.00.

Here are my first impressions:


Sony D-NF340 and also pc listening
Denon C551's

The total airhead seems to expand the soundstage and deepen the base. Not as much muddiness as I was experiencing before. The highs have increased, and do not have as much abrasiveness as they did before. This amp is used and burned in, as are the headphones.

So far, after .5hrs of listening, I would say it is 75.00 well spent.

Your opinions..........

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I have an AirHead and I thinks it's worth every penny. I like how it smooths out the sound of some songs I have. It does make them sound a ton better.
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I went from Sennheiser CX300 dynamic to Custom Molded triple driver Balanced Armature so It took my brain a few days to get used to the difference. I first amped my new ie's with the Total Bithead but then I stupidly sent it back thinking that it was O.K. but not worth $160.00 us. I soon saw the error of my ways. I didn't need the usb DAC so I re-ordered the Total Airhead instead and now my Ipod 80gb 5th gen Video with a line out dock dosn't go anywhere with the Airhead. (Not me. The amp). The Total Airhead rounds out all the tones and un-muddies the bass. I'm "hooked On Amp" now but I don't think I'll ever need to go to some of the extremes of $200-$500 amps out there.
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I have had a Total Bithead for about 4 years. Excellent component. I use it with my laptop as a DAC/amp. I like the crossfeed function. A bargain at $150. It works well with every headphone that I've thrown at it. I also like that it has 2 headphone jacks and can be powered by one's computer. I bought mine for around $270. At $150 it is a steal. $75 for an Airhead is the bargain of the week. Enjoy.
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