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RSA Predator Purchase

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Hi All

I do understand the fact that this comes under the portable amp category but few people consider this one as a good desktop DAC as well. This would be my main source for the next few months. I need an advice from the people who already have it. I tried searching for a used one, but no luck. I have now decided to go for a new one. The final price quote I've got from Ray is $539.76 shipped. My only question is that are these worth about $540?

Inputs are pretty much appreciated in this regard.

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There's a thread regarding whether it's worth or not, go search around.
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RSA Predator positive experience


I have had a RSA Predator for about two weeks ands have used it as a desktop DAC for my desktop and laptop computers. You connect the DAC to the 'puter with a USB mini bus cable and plug your headphones into the predator. The DAC has an input/USB toggle switched to USB. That's it. It works great. I called Ray when I got the unit to tell him I got it and that it worked just as described, either hooked up to my iPod or my computer. He also let me know it will drive anything. Good purchase! Have fun!
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i just got a white/silver rsa predator for around 550 and i was amazed at how small and light it was.

for me personally, i would say it's totally worth the money to get one of the smallest and lightest portable amps that's available.

it's all i think i'll ever need since i'll only be playing music from a portable source/laptop and it's good to know that there's the dac thing there which i don't use a lot.

from what i heard the dac isn't top notch but definitely better than the ones that come with your laptop/computer.

and ray always ships immediately once he receives orders... so no long wait time
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Is it the ultimate in non-portable DAC/AMP? certainly not.

If I only could have one item for quality listening, it would be the Predator. Great portable amp, great dac/amp to use on the road with your laptop. (I own one for these 2 reasons)

I think its a great way to start your audiophile listening experience. Certainly you can improve with better gear at the desktop, but you won't regret the Predator.

There are many here that like other DAC/AMPs, and you might spend the time researching the various DAC/AMPs (headphoneaddicts review comes to mind)

There is a reason you don't see many Predators for sale in the for sale section, despite the cat-calling that goes on here sometimes. Ray is great to work with, and strives to please his customers.
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