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From Bithead to ____: Will I notice?

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So I've been enjoying my Grado SR-60s and Shure SE-210s for about 2.5 years and thought the sound was awesome. About a week or two ago I read about the Total Bithead. After reading some reviews and realizing I could use a new hobby and some new toys, I bought the Bithead off of eBay (from a Head-fi member who referred me.) When I realized the sound was already a bit better, I figured (and the seller told me) better headphones would make better use of the bithead. I did some reading, looked through threads, considered my wallet and decided on the AKG K601s since I (1) liked the looks and colors more than other brands (2) realized I wouldn't be able to tell the minor differences between these and other more expensive models because of my equipment.

Now, I'm really enjoying the headphones but thinking it's the bithead that is holding me back. I've read through the threads, looked at pictures, and considered everything but I'm hoping some member here can weigh in and help me out.

Basically, while I don't doubt moving from the Bithead to like an iBasso D2 Boa or Pico would help, would the difference using my 601s and playing Apple Lossless files off my computer be noticeable? I'm tempted to just pull the trigger and get in line for a Pico but would really like knowing whether even an iBasso would be worth it?

I really appreciate everyone's help and have really been enjoying this new hobby and the site.

ALSO, I forgot to add, I'm looking for a portable with DAC.
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I myself won the K601s but run them out of a Leckerton UHA-3. Compared to the hp line out its obviously leaps and bounds better and while I haven't previously owned a bithead, I can safely say an amp/dac combo will greatly help the 601s. From what it sounds like the Pico is well worth the money and should do a fine job driving the 601s.


That being said out here, the K601/K701s are known to be notoriously power hungry headphones and many say you simply cannot get the full enjoyment out of either without a good desktop amp. Unfortunately I just can't afford to get a desktop setup right now but if you don't need portability I'm sure many would recommend you keep the bithead for on the go and get a serious desktop amp for the 601s for true enjoyment.
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Is the difference between a good portable (e.g., Pico) and, say, the Headroom Micro Amp/DAC considerable?
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Can someone give me a quick lesson on what's the difference between a good and bad DAC?

Anyone here with experience using K601/701 and a portable amp/dac and have a suggestion up to $500 that is actually worth the money?

For up to $500, is there a desktop amp/DAC?
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