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I've received 10 identical tubes from TheTubeCenter, here is a picture :

On the box :
Industrial grade electron tube
Electron Tubes International Inc.

On the tube :
"19J6" in white near the top of the tube,
in red around the tube : "CBS" "Made in USA" "DD"

The top getter is horizontal square.
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Hi everybody (i'm new here),

janba3000>> I just wanted to know if you don't have 2 in excess to sell it

I am from france and i'm f***ing struggling to find these tubes
the tube center doesn't have it anymore... and any other sites i've tryed

of course if anybody knows where i could find it it would be perfect too !!!

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I figured this would be a good thread to drag back into existence but hijack into 12AU7 territory.

My Starving Student is currently using a pair of 50s vintage RCA long black plate 12AU7s that I got for dirt cheap on eBay. I really like the way the amp sounds but I feel like it can do better. The mid range isn't very forward which is surprising considering I'm using Grado SR60's. I've seen a number of threads regarding 12AU7 preferences but all that I've read it seems like the same tube will sound different in different amp circuits. I've seen budget tubes praised in one thread and then sneered at in others.

So does anyone have any experience with different tubes in the Starving Student? I'd like something with a slightly more forward mid range and lush bass but also have a lot of detail. I have virtually no tube knowledge, but if it helps I'm a huge fan of the OPA2107 opamp that's in my CMoy I built. Current production or old stock doesn't matter but I would prefer something that's a good "bang for my buck" since I sort of have a budget.

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