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i recently picked up a little dot mk1, in fact delivered lasy wednesday. lovin' it. last night the amp shut down and i thought it was odd having been recharged the day before.
turns out the wall wart doesn't light and measuring across the plug with a multi meter shows voltage in milvolts <assume no output
the seller i bought from suggested i get one locally.. anyone have an idea on which to use?
the power supply has no info and the amp says 18vdc but nothing about amperage.

this seems to be the right voltage and the right connector..

18V 18 Volt 4 Watt AC Transformer Power Supply Adapter, Class 2 Electrical Direct Plug-In Converts 120 V 60 Hz 4 W to 18 V 150 mA, UL Listed, Part # 35A -18-150: Oak Entertainment Centers and Home Office Furniture, TV Antennas, Audio/Video, Satellite

i do have a wall wart that gives 24vdc, and it makes the amp warm so i can use it... i don't want to fry it

EDIT found the specs for the charger they are 18vdc 500 ma