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Amp & computer, noob question.

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So i'm looking for a decent amp, not the best out there but just a decent.

I went to the iBasso site and liked theyr models.

I have a question now, if i want to use an amp with my computer, do i need a model with USB DAC?

If i use a normal amp the sound coming out from my sound card will get no miprovements?
Is it the only way the USB one?

How is the D2 compared to the new D3?

Are they really portable? any dimensional comparison with an ipod video?

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well, if you have a decent soundcard, I wouldn't spend the extra dosh on a USB D/A, just go with the line out to the amp

however if your soundcard isn't quite so good, the USB D/A might not be a bad idea

what cans are you driving?
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the one integrated :|
notebook and desktop computer, both integrated.
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ok, so not neccisarily the best solution, and if you're going from two sources, I'd go with the USB solution because you can move it between either system

which headphones again?
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shure se530.
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oh, well, in that case I've got nothing, don't know a thing about IEMs, other than they generally will sound better amp'd, but don't *require* it to be driven to volume

I'd honestly look at a USB D/A amp solution, the iBasso's are a good place to start, although, I've got no idea how they'll perform with the SE530's
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why not go with creative
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is that thing comparable with an ibasso d3 or p3?
i dont really think so :|

is it portable?
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semi-portable, the iBasso is probably a much better call, though it is more expensive
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I'd go with USB/DAC and the IBasso, its an excellent product and will make your music 'sing' outta your PC.
I was very impressed with the sound from the D3, it shoots well above its weight, and it will liberate you from PC sound once nd for all. You won't be dissappointed.
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Hi Tony, i saw your review around.
thanks for your feedback.

last question, is the D3 really portable combined with an ipod video?
Are batteries a problem? Since the D3 wont recharge from usb.
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The D3 is shorter than the iPod Video but it is thicker. I think if you are willing to carry an amp around with you at all, this is very manageable. I actually was surprised at how small it was when it arrived. I can say the sound out of the PC into the D3 and then into my DT150 is great.
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thanks man, now im close to order it eheheh
time of shipping?
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