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Newbie Question

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Folks..As you can see via thread count, I'm very new to this area. Though I have listened to MP3 players for years, I've never been ecstatic on the quality.. discovered this forum indicative that many feel the same and have found equipment to correct.

So, I have a Samsung YP-K3 and an iPod Shuffle, and am looking to buy some Westone UM1's. The shuffle and Westone's will be the workout setup.

For longer motorcycle rides, I will use the Westone's and Samsung. Given that I would not be able to afford 'much' ($50.00 maybe)... would I have any benefit in purchasing an amp? Given that the only room for the amp would be a jacket pocket, it would have to be small. Value your opinion on this being a needed or viable option..

Thx folks.. Wayne
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Fiio amp for usd10 will suit the bill. It help increase the bass which UM1 lack.

The size of Fiio E3 is about the size of AAA battery. Can be purchased from dealextreme
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I used to use a cmoy in a mint tin for bike rides- placed it in a nice easily accessible pocket and hey presto- volume control as you cruise. You can pick up some nice cheap amps for around the $50 mark.
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