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Earbud buyer's guide, feat. TM5, OK1, PK1, ATH-CM700, OK2, K319, OK3, PK3, PK2 - Page 5

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Are any of these buds or others capable of producing as much bass as the Super.fi 5 EBs? I'd love to have some comfy buds with lots of bass.
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the most quantity bass earbuds that i have ever tried is Lenox V3, very cheap one though..
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For those interested in alternative to earbuds - I've compared the best clip-ons I heard:

Yuin G1A, ATH-EW9, ultramodded KSC-35, Yuin G2A, DYI Grado clip-ons, KSC-75.

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I've had my 1st Yuin contact yesterday on one of our kraut meets (PK2). I must say that I was deeply impressed by the performance of that small sucker.

I have almost decided to get a Yuin of my own (propably PK1 od OK1), and that review here is exactly what I needed to become informed, thanks a lot for that structured piece of work.
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I am listening to half burned in AKG K319 right now.

For $60 here in Russia, this earbud is a very good deal. It sounds better than PK2 and, probably, OK2. I will burn in it further and compare to OK2, CM700, PK1 later. Its lesser brother K317 is even less expensive while has the same sound (drivers?), according to some AKG representative cited somehere at head-fi.
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I already compared K319 to PK1, CM700 and OK2. I would probably place it into L2 category (see chart in OP). Though I would make a final decision when I compare it to PK2.
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Some early notes on K319.

K319 "Clarity"

Speed and instruments separation are terrific, I can not imagine any music piece may congest K319, either it is orchestra crescendo, speed metal, symphonic metal or psy trance. Yes, K319 lacks some microdetails and harmonics comparing to higher competitors, but it also lacks any kind of veil - its clarity is absolute and unsurpassed by any other earbud.

Soundstage is pretty wide for earbuds, outside of your head, though yields in depth to the top Yuins. Add precise instruments placement here and you would be most likely pleased with K319 imaging capabilities.

Tonality is slightly dry, frequency response is pretty even, though some may call it bass-light when fit is improper. The only minor peak I discovered is located somewhere in upper mids/lower highs and is rather a feature than disadvantage. In general, K319 shows no preference to any particular frequency range or musical instrument, it is impartial and adds almost as less coloration as OK1/OK2 do.

Bass impact is from modest to neutral, depth is good and quality is excellent. Mids are distinctive and slightly dry, electric guitars are very welcome, voices are clear while lack decay. Highs are a bit accentuated while not extended well, so they are presented well though in some simplistic manner. At the same time I did not notice any harshness or sibilance with K319.

All genres sound well with K319, there are no faults or favorites. I can not call K319 either musical or analytical, fun or lifeless, it is rather objective and transparent - very clean window to the music made of the somewhat cool-tinted glass.
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AKG K319

Continuing my quest for the best ultraportables,
I reviewed AKG K319 earbud in depth
and rated it in my Earbud buyer's guide.

See first post updated.
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PK1 is the best earbud,I 've ever listen to.I would like to try OK1,but It 's very expensive for me
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YUIN PK1 or AKG K319?

Hi, Excellent reviews,

I personally sold the PK2 (too much over-powering treble and abit harsh) and I like the PK3 Very much..(fun signiture, nice bass but slightly lacking in detail)

I was thinking of up grading to Yuin PK1 or K319.

Which one would you recommend?

K319 is $45 and Yuin PK1 $160

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PK1. K319 has strong treble (though never harsh) and modest bass. I can not call it "fun" also. So PK1 will suit your needs better. But you have to pair it with amp or powerful DAP.

What is your source?
What are your genres?
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I'd be using it unamped. dont want to carry an amp with me.
Using Sony NWZ A728 and listen to indian music
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Underamped PK1 does not justify its price. I never tried Sony and I am not sure it will drive PK1 well. The specs of A728 I found are suspicious - just 5 mW per channel. If this is true, then PK1 would not pair well to A728. Digg the forum about this pair before you buy PK1.
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I had a private conversation with kostalex.
A conversation which won't be private anymore since it might help other people.

Q: I Read your excellent reviews of the PK1 and RE0, and I am still unsure,
Which is the better sounding all-rounder earbud + DAP combination:

RE0 + Clip/Sony s639/a829/something else that sounds better?
PK1 + Cowon D2 (which i already have)

A: RE0 + Clip sound better to me than PK1 + D2. I did not hear Sony.

Q: Even for rock pop and trance?

A: You asked about all-rounding. Well, with specific genres there is a difference:
Pop, trance - RE0.
Rock - PK1.

Q: OK1 has better soundstage and instrument separation than re0, right? So at what areas the re0 surpasses ok1 that you ranked it higher?

A: OK1 soundstage is bigger, but I'm not sure it is better. I can not tell anything on separation also. Unfortunately, I did not compare them directly. Safe bet is that they are on par, except SS size.

It (RE0) is smoother (than OK1), has better tonality and more linear FR. OK1 is dryish and less even in comparison.
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