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beyerdyanmic dt 880 (2003 edition) x2
grado sr 60
sennhesier hd 25-1 II
sennheiser hd 280 (dead)
sennheiser px 100
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hd595 (truely my only listening phone)
hd202 (only for monitoring levels, etc. on field recording trips)
koss k/125 (ancient phones - they still work - but i only look at them)

i can understand having a few nice phones to listen to and compare, but geez how's about these people with like 20+ phones and then multiples of the same type? Do you people work in the headphone industry or sth?
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AKG K501 (fine-tuned for beter bass)
AKG K240 Monitor (stock)
2 sets of Etymotic ER6 (stock)
Grado SR-80 (modded to death, broken driver)
Koss KSC-55 (fine-tuned for better mids, broken headband)
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My are
DT880(2005 ed)
KOSS prota pro
(I will buy RS1 sooner or later)
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Koss Porta Pro
M-Audio Q40
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sennheiser cx 300

creative ep-630
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sennheiser cx300

creative ep-630
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CrossRoads MylarOne XB
CrossRoads MylarOne X3
Sennheiser cx300
Numerous dap included earbuds
se530 (sold)
CrossRoads MylarOne X3i (sold)
teledyne electrostatic headphones (mia)
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Grado SR-60
AKG K701
Sennheiser HD580
Ultrasone HFI-680
Phillips AKG K240 clones
Klipsch Image X10
Sleek-Audio SA6
Yuin OK1
Yuin OK3
LiveWires T1
JVC Gummies
Cowon buds
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My small line-up :
MDR-R10, MDR-SA5000, Ultrasone Edition 9 (I prefer them all, so no rankings there)

I'm 90% sure the next one will be either an HD650 or L3000.
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Headphones that I use actively, with order from mostly used to least used. (but still used from time to time)

Sony SA5000
Grado SR225
Ultrasone Proline 750

AKG K601 is collecting dust in the closet ATM, and I have given DT770 to my dad.
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Oh my god haha this is going to be so much work. You should probably at least make a poll to handle all the really popular headphones.
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Sony SA5000
Alessandro MS-1

Haven't used the MS-1 since I got the SA5000 except for a few brief times for portable use.
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Sennheiser PX100
Etymotic E6 Isolator
Denon AH-D1001
AKG K701 - just bought online today, don't have them yet
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-AKG K701
-Sennheiser HD-650
-Shure e3
-Grado SR-80
-Grado SR-325
-Koss KSC-75
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