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Wireless headphones for running/treadmill? Need help

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Hey Guys,

Just found the forum when looking for some info on wireless headphones for mostly treadmill use. For music I just use cheapo ipod earbuds, I'm not real worried about great quality while running.

Both the GF and I would like to start watching TV or movies while on the treadmill though, the receiver is on the other side of the room and id rather not run a long cord like that. I picture tripping/getting caught up or something bad happening

That said, any thoughts on what wireless options would be good for this? I saw the S9s, but been a lot of reviews saying they break/suck/not worth it.

Going up a notch, I've seen a few things about Jaybird JB-200s. But that's running $120 + $40 for the bluetooth adapter id need to watch tv. At least I think that will work, don't know very much about bluetooth stuff. Would need to use a 3.5mm to 1/4 plug adapter to plug in the bluetooth adapter as well. Anyone know if this setup would cause issues?

If it works, won't break and was comfy I wouldn't mind spending the money. Not thrilled I can't get them locally to try either. Not a ton of reviews on them too..

So any advice at this point would be greatly appreciated.

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It will be hard to come across much info on bluetooth headphones on this site due to the incredible amount of audio quality loss suffered while using them. That being said Im sure others will chime in but be patient.

I would get the SA6's wireless bundle but that is $299 and that doesnt sound like what you want. Logitech makes a wireless behind the neck set call the freepulse and while not great on audio quality they are ok. Jabras makes some as well that got a decent review on this site Jabra BT620s Bluetooth Headphone Review
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jsut wrap it around your neck... so u dont knock em out and get IEM
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bump...not a lot of bluetooth love on here. Strange...I own a pair of Livewires... yeah, great sound quality of course...but I also own two Sony Bluetooth Earphones that sound great. Of course they don't sound nearly as good as the Livewires, but they do sound pretty damn good. I have searched all over this site really and find pretty much every bluetooth thread with people bashing the SQ....wow....
Anyway, my question is the same. I am looking for a decent bluetooth iem or maybe something else that would work nicely on the treadmill. Been using the livewires but it's just not cutting it for me no matter how i hack it. Any suggestions. Thanks.
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wasn't there a set of bluetooth iem from ety a while ago?
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There is nothing inherint in Bluetooth technology that will degrade sound quality. It is a digital transmission of the audio source. Since BT was developed for data transmission, no noise in injected into the signal, which is why you get dropouts if there is interferrance, rather than bad sound. Any degradation of sound quality will come from the headphones themselves. This is different from wireless implemented with standard RF.

To keep a BT headphone small, lightweight, and comfortable, compromises need to be made. There is a lot more electronics in a BT headphone than a standard one and then add on the headphone equipment. As more people demand high quality BT headphones, they will come.

I have the Sony BT (for iPod) and they get pretty good sound, cost about $50, but don't do any isolation.

I also have the freepulse and they are VERY uncomfortable to use, which is why I got the Sony.

I hope you let us know what you do get and how you like it.

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I kid you not.....just got back from doing a little running on the ol' treadmill and because i use an ipod 5.5 I sit it on the treadmill directly in front of me. Holding it is a hassle, as is using a shuffle with a little armband or clip-on, etc...wires still get in the way....and like a moron, i did the "hit the wire while running somehow" and my ipod hit the treadmill and shot to the floor.
So I am for sure going to do some more research and hopefully find something that will work. I am still pretty blown away at how elitist this issue seems amongst head-fiers. I mean, like the previous poster said, this is technology, it will catch on. Wires suck.
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Perfect to use with existing IEM's or buds. Multiple chanels to avoid interference. USB rechargeable.
Amazon.com: Aerielle i2i Wireless Digital Audio Device for iPod and MP3 Players (Black): Electronics
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yeah, that would be cool if the transmitter weren't the size of an ipod. it would be pretty much.....exactly like plugging it into my ipod, wires and all!
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The OP wants to share a TV source across the room. Hence "Wirleess". The transcievers are about the size of a thick Nano and very light. you plug one into a source and the other is the reciever. In additon, you can add as many recievers to the same shared source as you want, as both can be used as a transmitter or reviever.
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