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So recently I just bought a D40 and have started taking pictures. Who else here is into photography and what type of gear do you use?
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Can't believe I forgot this:
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Lots of Head-Fi'ers are into photography as well.
I enjoy shooting photos, but have no high-end camera gear (SLR and like).
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Most people here have interconnected and pricey hobbies despite budget. Mine are audio/headphones, photo, computer, vintage skateboard decks, tactical gear. maybe that should/ or already is a thread? What other hobbies do you have?
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I would really like to find out from experienced folk exactly what kinda tripod is really cool for say low, med, and I already saw the high$1200 tripod on Post your Photography #2 thread.
I keep on thinking I would like to have something that can be yanked out of the car quickly and set up in a moments notice, or at least set up without much fuss.
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Get a Manfrotto 190XPROB or a 055XPROB + a ballhead like the RC486/RC488 and you're set for anything up to and including a 1DMkIII with flash and 70-200 f2.8 lens.

Fast, light (but sturdy!) and easy to set-up.
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d200 with a bunch of full frame lenses in anticipation for the upgrade to fullframe.
fuji f20 for chasing kids with.
nikon 8700 for stationary objects - this thing is tacks sharp midzoom!

the 190prob is recommended, its strong and not too heavy and will suit most applications. i have one
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