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Originally Posted by Red Haze View Post

I own a bass boost Cmoy from  HPA labs and couldn't be happier with it, when I bought it I turned the bass boost setting on and haven't touched it since. It doesn't distort the sound whatsoever. 
How do you turn on the bass boost feature? I bought one from hpa labs but I can't find the switch our any thing
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Originally Posted by Carlos4996 View Post

How do you turn on the bass boost feature? I bought one from hpa labs but I can't find the switch our any thing

Because there is no bass boost switch inside. I'll assume the bass boost is permanent.

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Does the jds have a hissing sound?
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I use a JDS 2.03 cmoy BB and I have not heard any hissing with either my etys, UM2, or atrios.  YMMV.  As the JDS cmoy is so well regarded, if you find you don't like it for whatever reason (I'd be hard pressed to name one), you'll always find a buyer on the FS forum.  So, look at it this way.  For about $10-$15, you get to spend a couple of months with one of the best cmoy's available.  And the BB function is very well executed.


As my cmoy is my "fun" amp, the BB is always on.  When you're home, add higher voltage DC and enjoy the bass.  I bought this DC and a barrel adapter: http://www.powerstream.com/ac-2405.htm


Adapter is after the jump.

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Just stumbled upon this post and figured I might as well end the suspense using the 24V power supply.  In two short words, but it.  It will open up the cmoyBB in ways you never thought imaginable.  I look mine, so much, I ordered two.


Use the reseller I used  Good prices and they also sold the adapters to fit the male pins.


Much more slam and authority to the little cmoy.  loving it.  It's a $20 upgrade.  And it's worth every penny.  I even schlep the AC adapter to Starbucks.  That is how much I love the added current.

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I am of little experience but just bought the BSG amp, so I'm hoping that my imput be useful. The guy who makes em allows you to customize your order for no extra charge (select battery options(9V vs 18V), choose an OP amp, select tin type, LED color ect...). with the the extra $20 (vs buying the JSD model) I went out and bought two different OP amps and 2 rechargeable 9V batteries w/charger. It was a plus for me that he ships from fairly close to where I live so shipping time was like 2 days. He also included batteries with the amp when he shipped it. If it sounds about the same as the JSD BB, I'd say that it was a pretty skippy deal for me especially because I got everything that I wanted (18V, virtually silent neutral OP amp, and I got to use it right when it arrived). The BSG so far done a pretty good job at dragging the bass and detail out my $25 pair of etymotics (ETY5K lol).  

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Yes, I wonder if the 18volt BSG would do any good with HiFiMan HE-400's as I hear they are not that bad to drive vs Fostex Orthos....

Anyone comment on that pair up please ! ?

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I have a BSG cmoy on its way to me now....it is in transit....hopefully it will arrive today....I can not wait to try it out will my Grado's

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Are you running it at 9V or 18 volts ?

Will 18 volts provide more kick/volume that 9 volts ?

My 9 volt is at full volume almost with my new Hifiman HE-400's while I choose a desktop amp.


I don't know why BSG does not run 30-day listings vs being on and off ebay.

I missed his listing due to this, so bought a lesser Altoid for the money on ebay 2 months ago.

People will find it either in headphone amps or altoid search terms.


Keep these puppies up on ebay 24/7 !

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Here is the cmoy that I just received from BSG.


It is a very nice little amp, pretty impressive .






I ordered mine with op-amp TLE 2082


I have a pair of JVC FX40 iem's coming my way also......this will be my portable rig for on the go.

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Very nice, I'm going for the tiger tin one !

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Originally Posted by MunkyNutz View Post

Very nice, I'm going for the tiger tin one !

That was a nice looking tin, I about got that one also.

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The tiger tin seems to be the favorite for most, I sell way more of those than every other tin I offer.

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Just to throw mu 2 cents in; I've been using the JDS for over a year now and loved it with my Shure SRH840s, although for the IE8s I used on the road I preferred a T3. I've now got myself a pair of Westone 3s and found the T3 just didn't do much to improve the sound (using a SD card modded iPod 5.5).


Obviously I'm always looking for ways to spank my credit card and trawling through eBay I came across BioScience Geek's offerings. I love the level of customization, in particular the ability to choose the op-amp. This raises a question regarding the comparisons in the thread with the JDS; surely you need to know what the op amp used in the BSG was?


The JDS uses the OPA2227 which is very warm. The BSG uses the AD712 as standard (I believe, unless you ask for one of the other choices) so unless the BSG used in the comparison also used the OPA2227 I don't feel you can compare them fairly.


I'm just waiting to see whether my W3s can be fine tuned with an AD712 or maybe another more suitable OP-Amp and whether 18v is worth it and then I'll probably pull the trigger on a Dragon tin with a red LED :)


Anyone have any further experience with the BSG and maybe some different op-amps installed?

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For sure I posted it somewhere on this thread or a similar one, but being unfamiliar with op amps I simply let Sanjay know which headphones I'd be using the BSG amp with primarily. At the time I ended up with one specifically designed for the Beyerdynamic DT 880 600-Ohm version.

As it turns out I ended up using them primarily with my Etymotic ER4P with the S cable, and that's exclusively what I use them with now. It does unbelievable wonders with those headphones. No portable unit has ever made them sound good, but this BSG makes it sound as good as home stereo unit of any quality, costing 10 times more. Really brings the bass out and shows you what that Ety is capable of.

Mine is set up with the 9 Volt, which tends to last at least 10 hours, & I can tell when it's ready to be replaced as the LED begins to dim. I also have a great wall unit for it, which tends to actually power it a little bit better than a new battery does. But it works perfectly awesome with just battery power. I run it with a Nano and a line out jack. I have the internal gain switch jumped for the highest setting, which works better with those IEMs.

Makes a stunning hi-end stereo unit on the go, and I've never been disappointed by it even once. It's also built like a tank. The case looks like it's been through hell and back, and it still works flawlessly.
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