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New iQube V2 is coming!

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Proudly we can announce that we are working on a new iQube Version 2.
The following is the preliminary spec:

Mini USB digital in and 3.5mm analog in
Automatic digital detection and input switching
Several USB sample rates conversion
Separate DAC chip(meaning we will not use the USB chip DAC but we will use a separate more high quality DAC chip)
Tentlabs ultra low jitter special clock design. All clocks (including the Class D clock) will be synchronized for optimum sound performance
Housing design and build will be comparable to version 1, just a little larger.
L: 126mm, W: 70mm, H:23mm
The battery cover will be deleted, only chargeable via mini USB cable (included)
non user-replaceable AAA chargeable batteries used
Volume knob indicator will be added.

Further it will be the same electrical spec as the present iQube since they share the same class D amplifier stage.

The sales price target is 499 euro inc VAT for the standard alu-black version.

Introduction January/February 2009 time frame

More news to follow, so stay tuned!!!
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The white version volume knob came out looking blackish. This is due to the rendering and absolutely not the real case. The volume knob is the same alu as the casing.
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Great news Hans. Can't wait. Apart from the inclusion of a dac, rechargeable non-user replaceable batteries, are there any changes between the v1 vs v2 amp circuit ?
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Hi Musicmaker,

The amp circuitry remains exactly the same!

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Hans, now all you need to do is make a digital-out dock for the iPod and both the iQubeV2 and DOD would sell like hotcakes!!
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Any more info on the DAC section, Hans?
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You're making a big mistake by making the batteries non-user replaceable IMHO. I think most users or potential buyers would prefer a easier-to-use battery cover.
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Well if you are asking for typenbrs of the chips used, I will release that as soon as we have 100% certainty. I can tell you that we have chosen this way (using a seperate DAC and not the USB chip internal DAC) because a seperate DAC has a far better performance then the USB chip DAC (our opinion, other people might feel differently here!).
Apart from that it gives us more freedom on synchronising the different clocks, which will give a real step up in sound performance and I think that is commonly accepted (better clock --> better sound).

As for the battery cover (as always) we had to make choices.
For one: Any other options to make the battery-cover 'easier' resulted in a deterioration of the housing 'looks&design' and/or made it much more expensive.

For two: The V2 having a USB input sort of determined it had to be chargeable only and that Alkaline batteries were no option (or at least hard to implement). So the V2 had to come standard with chargeables and that removed the need for changing batteries.

And that is when we decided to drop the removable cover at all.

As for the lifetime of the chargeables we use a very conservative charging philosophy. The more conservative you charge the longer the lifetime of the batteries. So the need for replacing the batteries is........??????....low, rest assured.

Now in case it is needed or wanted to replace them it is possible (I would even call it easy)! It is something we estimate that can (and will) be done on the shop counter.
However we have 'specced' it non-user replaceable to avoid warranty issues with customers opening the units. Because: you always have to take care when opening electronic equipment and it however easy it might seem it can be done wrong, both cosmetically and electrically.

rgds Hans
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Well if that's the case. Interesting indeed. Does the battery life live up to the original iQube's original battery span or does it last longer now?
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Originally Posted by ZephyrSapphire View Post
Well if that's the case. Interesting indeed. Does the battery life live up to the original iQube's original battery span or does it last longer now?
You mean the battery life itself or how long you can run on a charge?

The battery life span is at the least longer. I would have to run tests to confirm how much longer.

The power consumption is (a little) higher, after all we have more circuitry.
But we have incorporated a few tricks that when the line-in is active (no USB signal) we have some power saving.

So the run on a charge comes near to the V1. This is also depending on the condition of the batteries, which headphones you use, how loud you play etc.. rather many variables, so its hard to give a number that always matches.

Rgds Hans
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How long it can run on a charge.
I was always hesitant in buying the iQube. Seems like my hesitance has its benefits
Looking forward in the final product, Hans!
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Great news guys Can't wait to have my hands on it !!
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Will there be any upgrade options available to current iQube v.1 owners?
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Hi Hans.

I suppose the iQube will be perfect, if it would fit to IEM...
Why don't you add an IEM GAIN position switch to the iQube?
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Would it be considered with a lower pricing as in such global econormic crisis?
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