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Getting used to headphones?

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I recently picked up some headphones as well as a pair of iems...I bought the iems first and found they make me nauseus, so I bought the headphones.

I like both, especially the headphones (I love these), great sound and very comfy. However, I found that after listening for an hour or so, when I take them off I feel dizzy and nauseus, for a good deal of time afterwards too, usually about a day.

Since this is happening with both the iems and the headphones, Im starting to think its how the sound...sounds. Maybe its got something to do with how my head percieved the sound?

The thing is on my crappy headphones, the ones Im looking to replace, this doesnt happen at all. I can listen all day without any sort of problem at all. They are the Sony MDR-crap 100.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there usually a "getting used to" time before I can listen all day without nausea and dizzyness? Last night it was bad enough I took some meclazine.

IEM: Westone UM1
Headphones: M_Audio Q-40

Thanks in advance.
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Both the IEMs and the headphones you own are sealed-type. The ear plays an important role in balance and orientation. Since it's not happening with your junk Sony pack-ins, I'd bet it has something to do with your ears.

I'd go to the doctor, were I you, and possibly switch to open-air type headphones.
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Dang. Thanks for the advice. Ill check up on that.

Any chance its a matter of getting used to them?
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I've never heard of anyone having that problem with IEMs or closed cans before, so I'm not sure it's just something to acclimate to.
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Could be a viral infection and the sound/vibration stirring up the infected balance mechanism in the ears

What did the doctor say ?

How are you getting on now ?
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