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where can you order these online?
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Hi Fi Sound

You might need to pay over the phone, but the guy's really helpful - pretty sure he wouldn't mind posting
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I've been having it for a couple of months now and am loving it. It just is so worth it. I bought mine from the US retailer on Amazon.
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Just spotted this on superfi's website, quite interested in it. Would love to hear more opinions on it, or even better some comparisons to the V-DAC or DACMagic
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Picking one up on Friday!


Gave it a short listen on my last visit to my local shop and I'm already hooked.

I'll post about it after I'm finished my burn in on my cans.

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I was going to get one of these, but I was surprised by how little is in the box:




Not even an LED on the front ...


Will probably try the V-DAC now.




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sorry to pull this old thread up...but could you help me with my newbie question :


Other than the DAC function, this box does convert your vinyl to Flac files if used with Audacity for example? Basically i plug it to the turntable and a usb memory stick/memory thing and it us a good to go? 


I'm only looking for a converter....


if this is a stupid question please don't laugh at me :)



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