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I see on Amazon the 900's can be had for about $70 and the 700's, about $50. That's with shipping. Not as good as a couple weeks ago, but still less than list.
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Right, yeah. They still sell in the lower price range if you use a price searching engine. 50s and 60s pre-shipping, when I looked at google's shopping page. Hence why I wouldn't recommend getting them from buy.com anymore; but yeah, apologies for not making that clear.

And definitely, I think that they are a genuine bargain at this price range, as an entry level 'serious hi-fi can'. For more casual people, I could see myself in various cases recommending the RP21 over them, for their increased bass and ease of drive, but for those people who are embarking on the head-fi'er's pilgrimage, it's wonderful to think of getting this much detail out of such inexpensive cans.

They definitely have drawbacks, but give you a taste of what 'real' high fidelity promises. They sound just nice enough un-amped that they make you want to hear them amped, for one thing. They do just enough things wrong and yet are nonetheless still ultimately pleasant, that you are intrigued. The detail reproduction is so surprising that it makes you wonder how much detail reproduction is possible; it so uncannily renders the timbre of weird things like certain hardwoods and metals that it makes you wonder just how many timbres could possibly be rendered so uncannily. A gateway phone, for the good and the bad.
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buy.com's ebay store still shows the 700 in stock- possibly some are set aside for ebay use only
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back in stock peeps!
JVC HA-RX700 Stereo Headphone - HARX700 - Buy.com

i regret selling mine and got another
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The 900's are in stock at NewEgg. Just ordered mine today.
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Do the JVC HA-RX700 benefit much from an amp? I was planning on DIY'ing a CMOY and a DAC (perhaps an Alien?) soon. When I listen to it through my computer, I can definitely tell that the sound could use quite a bit of tightening up. I'm actually pretty set on buying/making an amp and DAC but do you think there would be a better course of action besides making a CMOY and Alien DAC? I just started working for the summer so I have money but I wouldn't like to spend a ton of it. By the end of the summer I will probably purchase a set of ~$150 headphones, though.
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the rx700 does benefit from amping. a small amp will do it very well
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Well my RX700's showed up today, which was nice as I was expecting them on Monday, so a pleasant suprise for the weekend. I was impressed at how much larger than the HPA2's they were, they were just as comfortable, but even not-burned in yet...they blow the HPA2's out of the water at least in music. We'll see how it and CMMS-3D do for gaming, but so far I'm really impressed! ourfpshero, you were right, my X-Fi drives these quite well and they can go much louder than I'll listen to them at. I'm definately recommending these to people I know still stuck on $20 logitechs and such, they'll be blown away, and that boom mic mod will cure the headset woes (that stuff should be here next week hopefully...).
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I got my RX700 from Amazon today and these are the best headphones I've ever heard (which is not saying much really as I'm no audiophile). I can't imagine better sound for $35.
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Can anyone comment on the RX700s compared to the e2c's? I'm trying to figure out if It'd be a step down from my recently broken Shure's. I'm assuming the isolation won't be as great just based on the fact that the JVCs are closed cans vs. the IEM Shures.
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I've got both the e2c's and the RX700s. The pros and cons of each are as follows (IMHO):

e2c - cooler sound, though not analytic like the etymotics
pros - isolation, portable, forward midrange
cons - lacks bass, cable hardens and cracks after extend use, lacks clarity

RX700 - warm sound
pros - huge bass (in comparison), soundstage, cheaper, comfort
cons - heavy, slgihty recessed highs and mid (can be helped with modding)

Overall they are two different beasts. I prefer the RX700s to the e2c's, though I don't use them on the go. I've got the etymotic HF5s for that.

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Does the RX700 make your ears sweat a lot? Is there much room inside the cups for your ears? Are these similiar to the Pan. RP-HTX7? Is there anything similiar to the RX700 in an open design? (Low price, comfort, etc)? Thanks.
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I noticed light heat build up / sweating when first using my RX700, similar to when I used my HD280. But now I don't find this to be a problem and consider the RX700 to be comfortable. I'm not that prone to ear sweating.

The circumference of the ear pads is sufficient, but not very deep. Usually I have a problem with the depth of ear pads if not very deep. But the RX700 doesn't bother me, although I can feel my ears touching the inside. I will either swap the pads from my RX900 or mod the stock pads to make them thicker.

I haven't read much about the RPHTX7, except enough to not consider buying it.

FWIR, the UR40 is open and is the only other similarly priced / styled headphones that I would consider.

Originally Posted by Jim McC View Post
Does the RX700 make your ears sweat a lot? Is there much room inside the cups for your ears? Are these similiar to the Pan. RP-HTX7? Is there anything similiar to the RX700 in an open design? (Low price, comfort, etc)? Thanks.
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Hmmmm... Gotta check these out.
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Just noticed these are on PLAY.com in the UK for the quite reasonable price of £35. Strange, considering they have the HA-M750 for over £60...

Play.com (UK) : JVC: HA-RX700 Precision Sound Headphones : Electronics - Free Delivery
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