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Questions on deciding on IEMs

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Thanks for helping me out, I am kinda new at this.

I am really getting into enjoying high quality music. I own the razer m100s, and really enjoyed using them until I listened to a friends V-Moda Vibes. So I quickly bought myself a pair after finding them for just 35 dollars. Paired with my Toshiba T400, they sound great. I am also getting a Cowon D2, and will decide on which I prefer and sell the other. So, I am confident in my audio source. Now the only question is the headphones. I would prefer IEMs, but if there is a significant price jump, then I would consider over the ear earphones. So, based on reading some threads on this great site and others, I narrowed down my choices based on performance with the price reasonable:

-Super.Fi 5 (I think EB, unless someone feels the bass just destroys the overall sound)
-Super.Fi 3

How much is it worth to jump from the 3s to the fives and the UM1 to the UM2? I also listen to almost every type of music, so while bass is important to have, I also would like the mids and highs to sound great. While I like the deep sound for some music, I prefer the bright music for others... So which would be the best hybrid?

Finally, would it be worth it to upgrade?

Thanks for looking, and hopefully you can help me out!
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I've heard the Super.fi 5 EB don't sound as good overall, but I don't have any first hand experience.
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If you got the vibes for just 35 bucks stick with those for a while....
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Thanks for the advice, guys, I really appreciate it.

Can anyone comment on the 5 EB's sound quality?

Also, I could get my money back on the Vibe's, so it's not a big deal to upgrade.
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Wait, wait. The UM2's are in your budget?! They're like $299!

If you have that much to spend. Jeez. Blow it on the Triple.Fi 10's from Buy.com.
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I found a deal online for 150 dollars for the UM2s, 300 dollars is double my budget... I really would prefer to spend less than 150 but I do not want to but the 75 dollar one, realize I want the 100 dollar one and get that, then realize I want the 150 dollar one... and so on until I hit the UM2s... Plus I can get them for 150!
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i thought another head-fier getting UM2 at usd200 already a very good deal. but u can get it at usd150....
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Would you recommend the UM2s? I gathered from your sig that you have a D2, which is what I will have... have you tried any other headphones with it? Let me know
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Woah, yeah, definitely go for them for $150. And yeah, I thought $200 was good xD where are you getting yours?
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Well I don't want to get them just because they're a deal... I can get all of the 4 headphones I listed for a good deal. I am still paying a premium, and the question I was hoping you guys could help me with is whether or not the premium is worth it...
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i wont comment on what is good since there are so many threads on it. i will tell u what i want to improve on this D2->UM2 setup (aka, the weakness)

bass: a bit overpowering, causing mid low freq smeared, less detail

mid: sound distance to me. soundstage? i thought UM2 is in-your-face IEM? it's good for certain musics but not my preference generally.

high: some instruments only have sound, no texture. EQ to fix it? doesnt help much, only make the sound amplified.

i havent try amp, maybe that's the problem (and sadly my wallet too)

my previous cans: KSC75 kramer'ed, CX300, Mylar X3, Yuin PK2, SA6
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Thanks for the reply. That is really some helpful information, so thanks. But judging from the post I would gather that you are not happy overall with the setup, is this true? I mean are there positives for such an expensive setup?!
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that's what i think ALL i dont like about the setup. i dont think i will ever find my preferred sound unless i try all available IEM+players

does that setup worth getting? yes

worth listening and enjoy? yes

perfect? no, not even near, at least for me. still better than what i listened previously though

this sound journey is expensive T_T

i really wanna try TF10 but i afraid i cant stand the high freq attack :O
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Thanks for the clarification, and I am doing my best to making this an inexpensive sound journey, lol. Anyone else have any experience with these IEMs?
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I think the UM2's are a great set of IEM's. For 150.00 is a steal. I paid 250.00 for mine. As far as the "muddy bass and rolled highs" its a matter of preference. I listen mainly to Classical and Jazz. They are also easy to equalize if you want to. The S5p are also nice but I don't like the fit. My wife has the vibes and she likes them. They are OK.
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